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By on March 6, 2019

Lititz Borough Police Department might just be one of the coolest police departments around, based on its social media presence with a reach of more than 2.7 million readers.

That includes the police department’s pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Crimewatch and other social media pages, which offered updates on everything from the latest lost dog to navigating an upcoming special event.

Sgt. Jared Hahn detailed those figures while presenting the 2018 Lititz Borough Police Department at the Feb. 26 borough council meeting.

In Hahn’s snapshot of Lititz Borough Police by the numbers, there were 283 total crime events reported in Lititz Borough in 2018, with 253 persons charged with crimes. The total number of service calls dispatched by Lancaster County-Wide Communications was 7,940, with 2,901 police reports filed.

There were 1,420 traffic stops conducted in the borough yielding 450 traffic citations along with 621 parking tickets. Police put in nearly 88,000 miles on patrol, checking for DUIs and citing speeders.

In the borough, there were 163 vehicle crashes, and they often occurred in the same areas. As it has been for many years, the most dangerous intersection in Lititz was the intersection of North Broad and Lincoln Avenue. The other two most frequent accident scenes were in downtown Lititz, along North Broad from Main Street to Front Street, and along East Main Street between North Broad and Cedar Street.

Of the 163 accidents, 19 involved injuries. The Lititz community was devastated by traffic fatalities in October, when two high school students died as a result of injuries caused in a crash after a 63-year-old woman drove erratically on West Orange Street. The woman has been charged with homicide. Driving Under the Influence was the top crime in 2018, with 94 DUIs charged. As Hahn noted, the police are being well trained and motivated to get impaired drivers off the road before tragedy happens.

As in communities across the country, Lititz Borough faces a opioid crisis that challenges law enforcement in Lititz. In 2018, police administered Narcan to seven persons who had overdosed on opioids. Six of those persons were saved by police, while one was unable to be resuscitated and died.

“Narcan gave six people a chance to live,” said Hahn, adding that certain types of fentanyl have proved to be resistant to Narcan.

Sgt. Jared Hahn

Lititz Borough Police have been working with the Lancaster County Drug Task Force on drug enforcement. Just recently, in early February, a 27-year-old Lititz man was arrested after police discovered fentanyl, cocaine, and marijuana during a raid of his apartment. Among the drugs they found were 470 bags of fentanyl and 8 grams of cocaine.

“We are grateful these drugs did not get out,” said Hahn, adding that efforts to be proactive in fighting the opioid crisis have been the focus of the police department.

On the brighter side, Lititz Borough Police have been instrumental in the success of dozens of special events during the year, including the massive Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show, Lititz AMBUCS Craft Beer Fest, Lititz Fire & Ice, July 4th festivities and parade, Lititz Lions Halloween Parade, Chocolate Walk, Outdoor Art Show, Second Fridays, and Taste of Lititz.

“More than 700 hours were devoted to the pre-planning, operational and post-operational periods associated with Lititz’ special events,” said Hahn.
Some crowds have exceeded 40,000 attendees, and police have been on hand to provide security, traffic control, safety measures, and promote a positive presence in the success of these community events.

Community involvement by the Lititz Borough Police includes projects such as Lititz Endless Summer, Shop with a Cop, Pink Patch Project, and Special Olympics fund-raiser. Lititz Police also has a presence in the Warwick School District with a School Resource Officer (SRO) at all six schools in the district. In 2018 the SRO officer was Peter Savage. In 2019, the new SRO officer is Ken Wolfe.

“We appreciate everything you do for the community,” said president Shane Weaver.

As for special events that police may be helping with in 2019, borough council approved the Lion’s Club Easter Egg Hunt on April 20, National Day of Prayer on May 2, Taste of Lititz on June 7,

Lititz Craft Beer Fest on September 22, PAWS in the Park Dog Festival on September 28, and Lititz Chocolate Walk on October 12. Lititz Farmers Market is set to reopen in Lititz Springs Park on Thursday, May 16, on subsequent Thursdays through October 17.

A proposed Fun 101.3 Food Truck Frenzy was tabled until council gets more information. There were concerns that the event would conflict with Second Friday in May, and council wants to discuss alternative dates with organizers.

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