Lititz goes out to the ball game

By on July 1, 2014
Lititz July 4 flower girl Mia Rose Pautz throws out her first pitch.

Lititz July 4 flower girl Mia Rose Pautz throws out her first pitch.

On June 29, the Lancaster Barnstormers held a Community Day for Lititz. Residents could purchase discounted admission tickets in advance, and sit together as a group.

The 2014 Queen of Candles Court was introduced on the pitcher’s mound prior to the game. Ceremonial first pitches were thrown by crown bearer Koen Brian Glass and flower girl Mia Rose Pautz.

The Record Express caught up with these young celebrities for a brief Q&A:

What do you remember most from your moment on the mound?

Koen: “That it was a very good pitch.

Mia: “That I throwed it that far.”

What is the secret to throwing a strike?

Koen: “My dad taught me. He told me to keep my leg in, get ready to throw it, and then you throw it. And that’s it.”

Mia: “I don’t know.”

Do you recall hearing anything from the crowd?

Mia: “My aunt and uncle were whistling at me.”

Koen: “I heard, ‘Go, Koen!” (20 of his family members attended the game).

What’s your favorite Fourth of July picnic food?

Mia: “Hot dogs.”

Koen: “Strawberries.”

Both said throwing the first pitch was the “funnest” thing they’ve ever done.

In addition to that big moment on the mound, local teen musician Sebastian Janoski sang “The Star Spangled Banner” to kick off the game.

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