Lititz Fireworks: Will this year’s show be the park’s grand finale?

By on May 31, 2017

Editor, Record Express,

In 1846, Lititz resident Charles Getz put on the first fireworks display on the grounds of the Lititz Springs as part of the 29th July 4th celebration. Along with the Grand Illumination of Candles, the annual fireworks display has grown to become the integral part of the park’s annual celebration, which raises money for its yearly maintenance and upkeep. With the assistance of Clair Global, our trusted pyrotechnics partner Celebrations Fireworks Inc. has elevated the fireworks to extraordinary heights over the past two decades.

Based upon the largest fireworks shell used in current shows, the state and local fireworks codes call for a 560-foot diameter safety zone from the middle of the launch site to any occupied buildings, roadways and/or gathering of people. We currently use the Wilbur Little League baseball fields as the primary launch site for the display, which allows for the firing of the shells within legal limits.

Last week, it was announced that Oak Tree Development Group has purchased the former Wilbur Chocolate factory along with the land used by Little League baseball. If the advertised developmental plan is approved, the current launch site will become occupied space, and therefore can no longer be utilized as a launch site. Moving the launch site to the park grounds is not an option due to the required aforementioned safety zones. Further, no other space in the proximity of the park allows for this safety zone to be met.

Discussions are underway with various stakeholders, including Celebrations Fireworks and Oak Tree Development Group, to identify potential launch sites in the Lititz and Warwick Township areas that will simultaneously safely accommodate 15,000 spectators and provide for admission entrance gates in order to pay for the cost of the fireworks.

July 4, 2017 will mark the 170th anniversary of Charles Getz’s first fireworks display. While the 201st July 4th Celebration will continue at the Lititz Springs Park in 2018, we can say with almost certainty that the 171st anniversary of Mr. Getz’s first July 4th fireworks display will take place somewhere other than on the grounds of the Lititz Springs.

Jeff Rinehimer

Lititz Springs Park Board of Trustees President

Tim Reedy

July 4th Celebration Chairman

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  1. Diane

    May 31, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    This is not ok! People come for the festivities but mostly the fireworks. This way of thinking is eliminating long long time traditions…just nothing right about somewhere else and keep our small cool town the way it is….this is part of what makes Lititz a great place to live keep expanding and you lose the charm..everyone can’t live here..

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