Lititz Family Medicine celebrates 65 years

By on July 28, 2011

By: WENDY KOMANCHEK Record Express Correspondent, Staff Writer

In this day of rushed lives and medical insurance debates, there is a bright light in Lititz on the medical front: Lititz Family Medicine (LFM), located at 562 West Second Avenue. This year, the practice is celebrating their 65th anniversary.

The practice started back in 1946 when Dr. Paul Hess bought Dr. Eyler’s private family practice at 23 S. Broad Street. Then, in 1950, Dr. Reyer Swan joined Dr. Hess’s practice until 1952, when the Korean War broke out. For two years, Dr. Swan went on active military service. When he returned home to Lititz in 1954, Dr. Swan opened his own family practice at 127 South Broad Street.

In 1956, Dr. Hess and Dr. Swan formed a medical partnership, and 23 S. Broad Street became the home of the new family practice. Also, that same year, Dr. Arthur Holder joined the practice, and the name changed to Hess, Swan, and Holder. Eventually, the practice grew to the point where it needed to expand its office space, and Hess, Swan, and Holder purchased the grocery store next door to their practice. They demolished the store and enlarged their facility in its place.

In 1976, the practice moved to their current location, and in 1996, Lancaster General Medical Group bought the practice. Over the past 35 years, the original doctors who started the practice have since retired. Yet, the practice has continued to grow with the additions of Dr. Gary Scibal in 1979; Dr. David Bowers in 1983; Dr. David Superdock in 1990; Dr. Mary Ivy in 1991; Shirley Terenchin, nurse practitioner, in 1992; Dr. William Grosh in 1993; Dr. Marc Russo in 1995; Dr. Cindy-Lou Drummond in 1996; Dr. Dale Sailer in June 1998; and Dr. Thomas Anderson in 2001.

Needless to say, all of the doctors and staff have a lot of funny and bittersweet stories from servicing the community over the years. For example, Dr. Hess delivered an estimate of 3,000 babies during his medical career.

The original trio also made house calls and home deliveries, as well as belonged on staff at Lancaster General Hospital, the former St. Joseph Hospital and the Ephrata Community Hospital. According to LFM’s history, Dr. Swan stated that it was not unusual to have two different patients in active labor at the same time, but in two different hospitals!

Nurse Supervisor Bonnie Tucci’s favorite memories come from the patients.

"Watching them growing older and their families enlarging; being involved in all their health and personal accomplishments, as well as their struggles and success stories," relates Tucci.

According to Dr. Scibal, the moments before LFM’s bi-monthly business meetings are his favorite memories.

"It is a time to relax and just listen to everyone’s take on ‘whatever.’ I am blessed to work with great doctors and (Nurse Practitioner) Shirley, who can see the humorous side of almost anything," said Dr. Scibal.

Dr. Scibal’s saddest memories are when Dr. Hess, Dr. Swan and Dr. Holder retired from the practice. And his favorite time as a doctor comes every time his patients look at him and seem to say, "’Thanks for explaining that. I never understood that before.’"

Tucci hopes that LFM will continue to service the people of Lititz and beyond. "To advance the health and well-being of the communities we serve, to provide the best possible health care available, and to be here for them in times of need," says Tucci.

"We would like to thank the community for their loyalty and continued support to Lititz Family Medicine," continues Tucci. "For the cherished memories we have made together and the friendships and bonds that have formed over the years."

Later in the year, the practice will be celebrating their 65th anniversary with a week-long celebration at the office and an employee appreciation night at Penn Cinema with the entire staff and their spouses. More 65 YEARS, page A14

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