Linden Hall’s new look for 2012 Center for Academic Excellence on schedule to open in August

By on December 29, 2011

By: MELISSA HUNNEFIELD Record Express Staff, Staff Writer

Photo by Dave Kutz
An aerial view of the 2011 construction at Linden Hall School for Girls.Photo by Dave Kutz
An aerial view of the 2011 construction at Linden Hall School for Girls.

At a time when schools nationwide are facing obstacles and downturns, Linden Hall is on the upswing.

Remarkable things are happening there — both among the students, and on the campus itself. Enrollment is at an all-time high and the school continues to average among the highest SAT scores in the United States.

In early June, bulldozers and cranes made their way onto Linden Hall’s campus and began their slow, painstaking work of making way for the new. Carefully and expertly, sections of the circa-1764 main building were separated from years and years of cumulative additions, all while maintaining the integrity of the original historic structure.

Each day, the expert crew literally sliced through walls and floors, advancing joist by joist, clearing the way for a blank canvas on which Linden Hall’s future will be built.

"With the demolition phase of the project complete, it is thrilling to witness the earliest stages of this new construction," remarked Janet Scouten, the school’s communications manager. "Each day, a critical new aspect of this building’s foundation is put in place. The construction team is laying masonry and working purposefully and meticulously to make sure that the Center for Academic Excellence will stand the test of time."

The Center for

Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence is designed to rejuvenate the campus academic center by renovating the original building and adding new construction to connect it with their arts and sciences building.

The center features a new multi-media research library complete with juice bar and coffee shop, historically-rich welcome center, flexible classroom spaces, an expanded college counseling center, a large meeting room and administrative office suite.

The new Center for Academic Excellence will alleviate all of the structural issues that are sure to develop over 241 years of continuous use and transform Linden Hall’s ability to serve students faculty, alumnae, families and guests. Importantly, it will include an elevator and other amenities that will make all academic and performance areas handicap-accessible for the first time in the school’s history.

"This new building will mean so much to the future of Linden Hall," said headmaster, Dr. Vincent Stumpo. "It is perhaps the most significant campus improvement in the school’s recent history and an exciting part of a grand master plan to make Linden Hall the finest college prep school in the United States."

Ground was broken on the $5.7 million project over Memorial Day weekend. Though the weather has thrown some interesting obstacles in the way of construction workers, the project continues to progress and the project is still set for completion by the opening day of school in August 2012.

Through "Lead the Way: Campaign 265," everyone — alumnae, parents, neighbors and friends — has the opportunity to strengthen and safeguard the Linden Hall experience. Gifts secured through this campaign will have history-making impact on all that is Linden Hall and all that it is to become — making Lititz a sought-after educational destination for girls world-wide.

For information on donating to the project, contact Paige McFarling at 626-8512 or e-mail More LINDEN HALL, page A4

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