Linden Hall opens with Convocation and Lotus Ceremony

By on August 22, 2018

Head of School Michael E. Waylett rings the opening bell at Linden Hall’s Convocation on Aug. 17. (Submitted photos)


Head of School Michael E. Waylett rang the opening bell at Convocation Friday evening, Aug. 17, to start the school year. Classes began on Monday, with 215 girls enrolled in grades six through 12.

Friday evening’s events started with an all-school family picnic, where new friends met and old friends reconnected. During Convocation, a parade of 38 flags from 36 countries and two territories with which Linden Hall students identify surrounded the enthusiastic crowd of family members and faculty in the Lititz Moravian Church.

Student Council President Tahrington Phillips spoke about girls avoiding the reflexive instinct to apologize when they haven’t done anything wrong.

“Sorry is a learned reflex, and every time we say it, we take away from our self-confidence,” she said. “You should only apologize when you do something really wrong.”

Between classes on Linden Hall’s first day, seventh graders wait in the science wing lounge to go into forensics class.

Waylett drew his inspiration from the 1990s sitcom “Seinfeld” and its four characters, whose stories in each episode seem disparate, but end up intertwining.

“Our lives are a compendium of many stories,” he said. “We determine how people view us and how we view ourselves.”

Additional words of wisdom came from the Class of 2018’s advisors, and from Assistant Head of School for Academics Elizabeth Teske, who noted, “These are your sisters, with whom you will share everything this year: classes, sports, Lyceum, prom, graduation.”

The evening concluded with the traditional Lotus Ceremony, as Linden Hall’s six classes gathered around the fountain, and the under-classes passed an illuminated flower to the center for seniors to float in the fountain.

Students carried flags from 36 countries and two territories during Convocation. About to enter the Lititz Moravian Church sanctuary are (left to right) Alexia Cubedo Rosas, Sofia Hagemann Barroso, Kaylee Miller, Anika Monteforte, Julianna Mack, Rachel Kauffman, and Tyrianne Harris.

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