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By on December 21, 2011

Santa and Mrs. Claus spent their final afternoon in the red caboose at Lititz Springs Park last Saturday, reporting a good turnout and giving us their final top 10 list of most requested toys from local boys and girls (check the list on this page).

Mrs. Claus, who has been working as a Record Express correspondent during her visit to Lititz, submitted her final report to the news office this week. It follows:

Dear Steve (as in assistant editor Seeber),

Our last day in the caboose we visited with almost 70 children, which included three teenage boys who came into the caboose not to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, but to ask for a hug from Santa (who happily obliged). Each boy left with a candy cane.

Legos and Barbies topped the list this week.

Of special note, Colin, age 7, wanted candy. Lots of candy. Mrs. Claus suggested to Santa that a new toothbrush would be in order as well.

Nick, age 5, had a rather lengthy list, but to our delight included on his list were two old favorites — a G.I. Joe and Play-Doh!

Taylor, age 9, (female) had two requests. DS games and "To have a very merry Christmas with my family."

The most, shall we say, unexpected, request was from Kyle, age 7, who wanted us to "write down on a piece of paper Santa’s direct telephone number." Go figure. Oh, and um, no, he was not given the number.

The second most surprising gift request was from Blake, age 4, who added socks to his list.

We had one dog visit us; Barnabus, a feisty one-year-old Labradoodle who lives here in Lititz. Although most of Santa’s visitors leave with a candy cane, Barnabus received a generous handful of doggie treats instead.

All-in-all, we had a wonderful last day in Lititz. And, as if to beckon us back home to the North Pole, as the last half-hour of our visit was upon us, it began to snow. What a wonderful farewell for us!

Thank you to everyone in the beautiful little town of Lititz for inviting us to visit you. We very much look forward to returning! Please tell all the boys and girls to keep being good and to remember to go to bed early on Saturday night!

Have a Merry Lititz Christmas.

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