Lauren Stork’s perfect storm Warwick’s 2013 Homecoming Queen

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Photo by Stan Hallâ?©Warwick High School senior Lauren Stork is crowned Homecoming queen by last yearâ??s queen, Greta Weidemoyer.

Last week’s relentless rain storm created a royal mess, in a sense, for Warwick High School’s Homecoming.

Fear that the Friday night football game against McCaskey might be canceled, and with it the Homecoming Queen ceremony, loomed large throughout the day. But the Warriors braved the elements, beating the Red Tornado in front of a sparse but spirited home field crowd while crowning Lauren Stork as the 2013 Homecoming Queen.

Lauren is the daughter of Kelle and Matt Stork. She has three older siblings, Zach, Katie and Taylor. As a Warwick senior, she participates in the Interact, Unite and PALS clubs. As of this year, she is also an open campus student at Kissel Hill Elementary, assisting with Mrs. Chivinksi’s first grade class.

She is also on the Warwick girls lacrosse team and was recently elected captain for the upcoming season.

Outside of school, Lauren works part-time at the Moravian Manor retirement home and also at the Lititz recCenter, teaching and working with children of all ages.

Her future plans are "to live a happy, fulfilling life and attend four years at college, and hope to continue working with children."

Her royal moment during half-time was not expected, she said.

"I was very taken by surprise as they announced my name for this year’s Homecoming Queen," she said, "and I couldn’t have been more happy to have my family and friends there to support me."

After the other candidates graciously congratulated her, and the onslaught of hugs from friends, her mom approached with a surprise – her older sister Katie, who Lauren doesn’t see often and was initially unable to attend the game.

"I will never forget that moment," Lauren said. "I was also very grateful to have my grandparents of my dad’s side there to be a part of the moment, as they told me my father would be so proud."

She’ll also remember the dedicated student section at the game.

"It was pouring rain all day and I was extremely amazed to see all my classmates and friends standing in the bleachers in the unpleasant weather," she said.

Prior to the crowning of the Queen, the court of girls had a chance to reminisce in the gym.

"I will remember most that I got a chance to reconnect with my friends from elementary school who are also on the court as we waited," she said. "I was pleased to catch up with them."

Warwick’s Queen is selected by the entire senior class, and Lauren’s court includes Holly Lobb, Kayla Rohrbach, Megan Lieberman, Taylor Hamilton, Alyssa Kray, Lacey Lefever, Victoria Byler, Lindsey Lefever, Jessica Poje, Emily Evans and Ashley Farnan.

So, what does it mean to be a high school queen?

"The only responsibilities I have don’t correspond with being Queen," Lauren pointed out. "I still have the responsibilities without the title, such as maintaining good grades, two jobs, and becoming a positive role model for the students that I teach.

"The title is just a title. I don’t expect anyone to treat me differently. My friends may jokingly call me queen, but I’ll still be the same old Lauren. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am better than them."

But what if Homecoming Queen was more than just a title?

"If I could change one thing worldwide, it would be the viewpoints children have on what a true hero is," Lauren pondered. "Media has made the wrong impact on the definition of a true hero. Kids now a days believe that heroes are only the people who are famous, such as celebrities. To me, the real definition of a hero is someone who does good deeds, but not for the recognition. For example, our nation’s armed forces, police men/women, firefighters etc. That is what a real hero is, and if everyone would be able to honor them and their good deeds, the world could be a better place. If I could make an impact on their opinions about what a real hero is, that would be very rewarding knowing that I made a difference. It would help the younger children respect and know that there are people out there fighting to keep our country a safer place."

Homecoming is often a reminder for seniors that the end of their high school career is nearing its end. It’s something our 2013 Queen was thinking about as she walked onto Grosh Field last week.

"Homecoming is definitely a reminder to me that I will be graduating in just a few months, but knowing that my class has selected me to be on the Homecoming Court the past three years is very humbling," she said. "It’s sad knowing that the past 12 years of my education at Warwick is coming to an end, but exciting to see what my next steps in the future hold. I am more than pleased to be sharing my last year with the class of 2014, because they are all great people."

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