Kindergartners elect hot dogs Also, playground swings favored over sliding boards

By on November 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of Warwick School DistrictBonfield kindergarten students line up to cast their votes in an election that put hot dogs up against hamburgers. Hot dogs are now relishing their victory.

The voice of America is not limited to registered voters on Election Day.

Kindergartners at John R. Bonfield Elementary School held their own election Tuesday, and if they had their way the country would be run by hot dogs and swing sets, and they would proudly ride their bicycles without training wheels.

The students actually voted for their favorite things, not the presidential candidates. They decided whether they liked hot dogs or hamburgers, sliding boards or swings, and bicycles or bicycles with training wheels best.

See our K-Election Day graphic for full results.

The morning and afternoon students learned about voting and the election process first-hand as each child took a turn at the classroom polling place. They filled out a ballot and placed it in the ballot box, voting in three different categories. After all of the votes were privately cast, they were tallied.

The boys and girls learned about what tally marks are, how to form them in groups of five, and then practiced counting by fives to come up with the vote totals. The kindergartners learned about how to handle winning and losing, and many students shared ways to congratulate the winner and support the person who did not win. The "crowd" of cheered as the votes were counted, and they thought it felt like a real election.

They also discussed election vocabulary words such as: register, vote, ID, polling place, ballot, campaign, results and tally.

The election issue of Scholastic News helped the kindergartners learn more about President Obama and Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, the story of "Duck for President" showed farm animals’ views of the election process in a fictional way that was easy to understand.

Kindergartners at Bonfield are well on their way to being responsible citizens, and all signs show that the future of America is in good hands. More K-VOTE, page A3

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