Hometown Hero Rookie Diary New feature starts next week, only in the Lititz Record Express

By on April 18, 2012

Mike Resh is the new guy at the Lititz Fire Company. Follow his adventure in volunteerism, starting next week, in the Record Express.

Meet Mike Resh: 28 years old. Single. Lehigh University grad. Hempfield guidance counselor. New Lititz resident.

And the rookie on the roster at the Lititz Fire Company.

Over the next several weeks, Mike will share with Lititz Record Express readers just what it’s like to be a new guy among the veterans at the Lititz Fire Company. He’ll share his experience, from making that first inquiring phone call, to donning turn-out gear on the way to a blaze.

From the highs to the lows, from the challenges to the triumphs, you’ll witness the step-by-step steady transformation of raw rookie to hometown hero. All in Mike’s words. Candid, up front and personal.

The "Hometown Hero Rookie Diary" starts next week, exclusively in the Lititz Record Express.

Remember, everyone needs more heroes these days. You could be one. Call 626-8900, or visit warwicktownship.org.

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