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By on October 2, 2013


STEPHEN SEEBER Record Express Staff

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Last Friday night, Landon Nuss left Lititz to visit friends at Temple University. Little did he know, his tragic fate would save a neighbor’s life.

The 2012 Warwick High School graduate died from injuries sustained in a two-story fall at an off-campus apartment complex. Police were called to the scene around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, and Nuss was declared brain dead in a Philadelphia hospital the following morning. In a positive twist, if there could ever be one in such an awful circumstance, Nuss’ liver was donated to 48-year-old Lititz resident Mike Shaub, who underwent a successful transplant surgery Monday.

In a three day span, a life was lost and a life was saved.

This wave of emotion is especially hard on Nuss’ close friends, who are still struggling with the loss of fellow WHS classmate Dylan Dieffenbach’s death in a Fourth of July car accident shortly after their graduation. Still, life goes on, but those who knew the young man affectionately known as "Nussy" will carry the memory of his signature smile with them wherever they may go.

On Tuesday, in the wake of tragedy, these friends took some time to share a few thoughts about Landon James Nuss:

"Landon was a wonderful person and just could always bring up someone’s mood. Very outgoing and always looking to meet new people. It’s truly a tragedy that he isn’t with us anymore. There was never a dull moment with Landon (Nussy is what everyone called him). I love him so much and will miss him dearly." – Derek Fry


"Dear Mr. Seeber,

I just got your voicemail and I decided it would be easier for me to email you rather than talk on the phone … I just get a little choked up.

Landon was like no one I ever met before. He was constantly upbeat no matter the situation. His outlook on life inspired not only me, but I believe everyone to be a better person. Looking back on our conversations makes me realize more of how genuine a person he was. His smile could light up the room instantly and he had such a contagious laugh that could make anyone happy just by hearing it. I can honestly say he has one of the sweetest, most authentic hearts a person could have. I am so happy that Landon gave life to others, and I believe his beautiful soul will live through them as well.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to comment on the life of Landon Nuss.


Taylor Calta"


"My favorite times with Nussy was pretty much every time we hung out. I just never knew what we were going to get into. He was just a kid who wanted to have a good time and always did no matter what he was doing. He would come over to my house and we’d just sit outside and talk for hours. He was one of a kind. Everybody that knew him would probably consider him one of the funniest kids. He could definitely be out there sometimes. But that was something everyone loved about him. I know him and our other friend Dylan are having a blast together wherever they are now. Those two were some of the most caring, funniest, unique kids I have ever met, and I probably won’t meet anybody like them ever again. I loved them both so much and miss them. I can’t wait until I can see them both again." – Zac Risser


"Landon and I met when we were very young because our dads were best friends all through high school and still continue that friendship to this day. Anytime I was around Landon he was making me laugh somehow. My favorite memories with Landon came during senior year, in Ocean City, Maryland at senior week, and the summer following senior year. He had an amazing way of making everyone’s mood around him better. It was always so much fun being around him. There were so many little things he did that showed you he cared about you." – Ryan Wiegand


"Honestly I can’t even think if a favorite memory right now, there’s so many of them and my minds been everywhere … He had this way of bringing joy and laughter to everybody’s life. He always came up with different words or phrases, so we had our own unique vocabulary and a lot of unique inside jokes and facial expressions. One of his dreams was to become a famous rapper, and he was really good at rapping. He could come up with hilarious raps off the top of his head. Everybody loves him and will miss him dearly. There’s so much more I could say." – Stephen Frey


"Walking through the halls during high school, you could hear his voice or his laugh from anywhere and it instantly put a smile on your face. And you couldn’t help but smile and laugh at it. He always brightened up your day no matter what. He was one of a kind who truly loved everyone. Landon, you will be truly missed." – Danny Gordon


Fry, who has been friends with Nuss since first grade, shared his favorite funny story, going back to their senior year in the Warwick cafeteria. It was finals week, and they needed to let off a little steam. Nuss’ sense of humor took center stage.

"He just started dancing with Dylan in the cafeteria. Of course, they got in trouble, but it was funny. It’s a great memory for me."

A viewing for Landon’s family and friends is scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at Lititz Moravian Church. His obituary can be found on page A8 of this week’s Record Express.

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