Happy 103rd! Dorothy Markert Cushman

By on January 18, 2017
Dorothy Markert Cushman celebrated her 103rd birthday Jan. 14.

Dorothy Markert Cushman celebrated her 103rd birthday Jan. 14.

Some know her as Dorothy. Others call her Dot, Nanny Dot and Aunt Dot. On Monday, everyone wished her a happy birthday.

Dorothy Markert Cushman was born in Lititz Jan. 16, 1914, during a snow storm. Her parents were Edith Dietrich Heisley and Samuel O. Heisley. They created a sewing factory called S. O. Heisley Boy’s Shirts and Blouses in 1927, where Dot and her younger sister Ruth worked as young women.

She continued her sewing career working in sewing factories and making T-shirts for many children at home. She especially enjoyed making clothes for Barbie and Ken dolls. She set up and sold her doll clothes on the square at the first craft show in Lititz in 1979.

Her family were active members of St. Luke’s Reformed Church (now St. Luke’s United Church of Christ), where she is now the oldest and longest-attending church member. As a teen, Dot met J. E. Russell Markert at church camp. They married and had three children: Jack Russell Markert (1939-1979), Judi Ann (Markert) Mentzer, and Jane E. Markert.

She is blessed to have lived to enjoy and adore the births and lives of five grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. She also has two nieces and many great- and great-great-nieces and nephews.

She married Rob Cushman when she was 85, and for 13 years lived at Cornwall Manor. While living in Cornwall, she kept all of her family and church ties in Lititz. She moved to United Zion Retirement Community when she was 98. She loves to look out of her window toward Lititz, and she is very happy to be close to her family and friends.

Dorothy is a blessing to all who meet and know her. Her spirit and joy in living shine through all adversities. Dorothy is loved by her family and friends and all the staff at United Zion.

Sandra Whitson is the public relations director for St. Luke’s United Church of Christ in Lititz.

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