Fundraiser will benefit Warwick grad

By on December 30, 2014

Sarah Baker, Rothsville, a 2009 graduate of Warwick High School recently experienced a painful setback.

Baker, who was a popular bartender at Piero’s Italian Restaurant, Akron, was returning from a vacation to Florida on I-95 with friends last fall when, according to reports, the driver of their vehicle fell asleep, causing an accident. Sarah’s injuries were so serious that her right foot had to be amputated.

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

Sarah has remained upbeat throughout her ordeal, updating her Facebook page regularly with pictures of her first attempt at using an early prosthetic and walker, as well as optimistic messages filled with wry humor.

“Life’s not always fair,” Baker posted on Nov. 22. “This I have learned! What you make of it, though, is totally up to you! Happiness solely relies on how you think of a situation &tstr; not the situation itself!”

“I do have hard times and I’m sure I’m in for some bad frustrating days ahead of me, but there is no point in staying miserable,” Baker posted while still in the hospital in Greenville Heights, N.C. “It’s just going to hold me back longer and I don’t want to have to waste anymore time than I need to to get moving again. It also helps that so many people care and support me through all of this!”

Enter Zach Acox.

Zach, general manager of Metro Pizza, is the boyfriend of one of Sarah’s best friends. Clearly Baker’s condition had been on his mind for some time when he posted the following on Facebook the day after Christmas:

“This year, I became a Grinch,” said Acox. “I got Christmas cards and gifts for nobody. Any checks and gift cards I received were converted into cash. I figured all of the time saved was great, and all the money saved and received should be put to a truly good cause. That good cause has the name Sarah Baker. Sarah was a passenger in a wreck a couple of months ago that claimed her foot but certainly did not claim her spirit.”

“When the dust finally settles,” Acox continued, “Sarah will have a ton of medical bills and no way to pay them, because we all know how quick insurance carriers are to pony up for a claim. Sarah will probably have grandchildren before she can stop worrying about it.”

With that in mind, Acox will be accepting donations for Sarah Baker at the Metro Pizza location at 105 N. Broad St., through 2nd Friday, January 9. Shortly thereafter, the funds will be gifted to Sarah to help with her medical bills.

Additionally, Metro Pizza will be matching the total donation, doubling it. Those with questions about the fundraiser should call Zach Acox at 682-0872.

Melissa Hunnefield is a staff writer for the Lititz Record Express. She welcomes your questions and comments and can be reached at or at 721-4452.

Metro Pizza, 105 N. Broad St., will be collecting donations through Jan. 9 to benefit Sarah Baker, a Warwick grad who recently lost a foot in a car accident. Metro will match the full donation amount and present the funds to Sarah to help offset medical expenses.

Metro Pizza, 105 N. Broad St., will be collecting donations through Jan. 9 to benefit Sarah Baker, a Warwick grad who recently lost a foot in a car accident. Metro will match the full donation amount and present the funds to Sarah to help offset medical expenses.

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