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By on August 21, 2019

Rising Warwick freshman authors first book

You could say that Joy Singer already has a jump on her academics this coming school year.

Although the Lititz resident will begin her freshman year at Warwick this fall, over the summer, she was already busy releasing her first book.

That’s all in between playing the violin as well as taking dance lessons, of course.

Entitled “Lost in Hope,” the project brings together many of her short stories and poems into one complete collection.

For Singer, creating a book was the culmination of a lifelong passion for writing.

“Ever since sixth grade, I knew that I wanted to become an author,” she said. “I was having some inspiration withdrawal, or more commonly known as writer’s block, when it came to my novel, and to get my name out quicker, I decided to collect some of my short stories and publish them.”

Joy Singer. Photo by Cory Van Brookhoven.

Additional encouragement came from some of her past teachers.

“I have always enjoyed writing, but it was in Mrs. Patti Lapp’s class in sixth grade that got me thinking seriously about it,” Joy said. “Along with Mrs. Lapp, Mr. Sturges, has helped me tremendously with my writing, and I also look up to the author Avi.”

The young author prefers composing short stories over poems.

“I personally don’t like reading poems in the format they are written, so writing short stories is more enjoyable for me.

“Many of the stories, if not all, in my book have a theme of losing hope, and then finding it once again with the help from others,” she said. “I was talking to Mr. Sturges one morning and we were thinking of clever titles that included ‘hope’ in them, and I bounced around the idea ‘Lost in Hope.’ It’s an interesting title because it suggests being lost as a person with too much hope.”

Readers may purchase digital copies of “Lost in Hope” on by searching for ‘Joy Singer’.

Below is Singer’s original poem “Sea of Hope” — just one of the many compositions that appears in “Lost in Hope.”

Sea of hope,
Winds of change.
She looked for the rope
That held her heart close in range.
Close to the one
Who made life fun.
Who kept her in line
And let her shine.
Sea of hope,
Winds of change.
She learned to cope,
With the one who loved yet was so strange.
All so she was not on her own
All so she was not alone.

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