Event raises $370 for skateboard park

By on June 5, 2019

Skateboarders were up to some pretty cool tricks on Saturday evening, June 1, at the Lititz Skatepark.

Using the old metal and wooden ramps, it was clear that the skate park is looking a little worse for wear. And that’s exactly why the skateboarders were there.

“We wanted to have a fundraiser for the Lititz Skatepark and this was a way to raise money for the new park,” said organizer Jarrett Brown, of Caster Skateboards.
The Saturday evening event raised $370 toward the new skate park, thanks to the entry fees and additional donations to the park. There were 15 skateboarders of all ages competing for the top three prizes.

After a two hour battle, three skateboarders rose to the top, and took home the prizes. Felipe Pegan won for the advanced group, winning a Caster skateboard and pair of Fallen shoes. Gage Perri took top prize for the intermediate group, winning a pack of wheels and a pair of Fallen shoes. Cory Martin was the winner of the 10 minute Jam session, winning a pack of bearings and a pair of Fallen shoes.

It was all for a good cause. The skateboarders, ranging from beginner to advanced, are all hoping that the new skatepark becomes abs reality. Then they can really hone their skills on wheels.
Plans for the new Lititz Skatepark were unveiled in April 2019, after a year and a half of planning. It won’t be cheap. The skate park that was actually designed by those who will be using it is expected to cost as much as $400,000. So far, funds raised are nearly$20,000. The money raised by the Caster Skateboards will help.

“We are hoping to raise even more through events, competitions and donations,” said Brown, who organized Saturday’s event with his wife Theresa Brown.

They are both looking forward to Lititz having a new updated skatepark, which has been designed by 5th Pocket Skateparks to replace the worn-out park with a new concrete design that has plenty of hips, quarter pipes, pump bumps and ledges.

The redesign of the skatepark is being organized Lancaster County Skateboard Association, 5th Pocket Skateparks designer Jesse Clayton and his team putting together a final plan combining many of the features that were requested, which is located near the Lititz recCenter and behind Lititz Springs Pool.

Rob Reed, a volunteer with the Lancaster County Skatepark Association, is spearheading the ambitious plan to update the old skatepark. His organization has planned a number of fundraisers, and appreciate all the help they can get to fund the skatepark.

“We are happy to do our part to help raise money for the skatepark,” said Brown, who has been skateboarding since he was a kid and his grandmother got him a skateboard.
Now grown up and married with a child, he admits that he still has skateboarding in his blood. That’s why he started his online Caster Skateboards business. And why he wanted to help with the cause.

“I wanted to thank God, my family, Doug, Ryan, Wade, Eli, Leo, Kelly, Josh, Shaun, and Joe,” said Brown, adding that he also wanted to thank The Scouts band, Funtastik, Stray Lighting, Fallen shoes, and Turkey Hill for their support for the fundraiser.

For 18-year-old Nate Yager of The Scouts playing music at the competition was a way to help support the skatepark. Yager used to love skateboarding and participated in competitions all over the area. Then the music bug bit him, and he has been too busy to do a lot of skateboarding.

“When we heard about the fundraiser for the Lititz Skatepark, we were all in,” said Yager, who explained that The Scouts just recorded their first album at TriForce Studios in Lancaster with five songs written by the group.

The Scouts include Yager lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, who just graduated from Lititz Christian School. Justin Buckwalter, 19, plays bass and guitar, and is a Warwick High School graduate. His younger brother Josh Buckwalter, 18, will be graduating from Warwick High School and plays drums. Guitarist Tom Hartman, 19, is a Warwick High School graduate.

“It was great to have The Scouts performing at the fundraiser,” said Brown. “I want to thank everyone who competed. volunteered, and supported this event. Anyone who wants to make a donation, can check out Caster Skateboards on Facebook or follow for future plans on Instagram @CasterSkateboards.”

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