Election Day should be quiet here Unless you’re following Inspector of Election races

By on October 30, 2013


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Not a single political party endorsement letter. No debates. No mudslinging. No yards littered with signs.

Next Tuesday is Election Day in Lititz, and one would hardly know it around here. With no major contested races on the Nov. 5 ballot, local Republicans will maintain control of our municipal governments and school board. But on a local level, leadership is often more about community pride than political affiliation.

While Election 2013 may be short on suspense, it does welcome two new Lititz Borough Council members and a new mayor as we head into the new year.

Lititz Mayor Ron Oettel announced earlier this year that he would not run for reelection, but he will continue to serve as the borough’s fire chief.

"I have given 33 years of my life to the fire service and feel, and hope, that I have more to offer," Oettel said prior to the primary election in May. "My heart is really there more than anywhere else, and I have dedicated too much time and energy to give that up. My hope was that I would transition away from the fire service and more into politics, but I think that may be better suited for another time in my life (I hope)."

Stepping into the mayor’s seat for 2014 is Timothy Snyder, a former borough councilman and owner of Sturgis Pretzel House.

Council’s only elected Democrat, Todd Fulginiti, opted to serve only one term. So, his seat will be filled by Cory Van Brookhoven, who currently serves as president of the Lititz Historical Foundation. He is also a member of the borough’s Historical Area Advisory Committee, but if elected to borough council he will step down from that role. Barring an unprecedented opposition write-in campaign for the first ward council seat, that should be the case.

Joining Van Brookhoven as a rookie council member will be Christine Sensenich, owner of the Main Street Peddler. She has been an active retailer in downtown Lititz for a number of years and will be taking over the third ward seat of current councilman Kevin Zartman, who decided to not run for reelection in order to focus more on his career and family.

Aside from Lititz mayor and borough council, the rest of the local ballot is made up of uncontested incumbents. These include:

Warwick School Board members Debra Wenger, Michael Landis, Timothy Quinn and Millard Eppig Jr.

Lititz Borough Council, second ward, Karen Weibel

Warwick Township supervisor Herbert Flosdorf

Elizabeth Township supervisor Rodney May

But wait, there are some battles in the trenches. Inspector of Election races throughout the school district give Democrats some hope. These are relatively minor elected positions (that doesn’t mean they’re not important), but they provide the only possible drama to be seen here on Election Day. The contests include:

Lititz’s first ward, first precinct – Republican Mary Wiest vs. Democrat Patricia Sensenig

Lititz’s first ward/second precinct – Republican Carol Samara vs. Democrat Barbara Grater

Lititz’s second ward/second precinct – Republican David Hollinger vs. Democrat Nancy Leed

Warwick Twp.’s Millport District – Republican Lynn Myers vs. Democrat Linda Brown

Warwick Twp.’s Newport West District – Republican Helen Heron vs. Democrat Stephen Brandt

Warwick Twp.’s Southwest District – Republican Judy Schoenberger vs. Democrat Robyn Talley

Elizabeth Twp. – Republican Marianna Kopp vs. Democrat Eileen Lieberman.

What is an Inspector of Election? It’s an elected position dedicated to assisting a Judge of Election in setting up and monitoring a polling location during election days. These elections generally don’t get much press, but for local voters, it’s the only show in town.

Other local no-contest seats in Tuesday’s election include:

Lititz tax collector Jeannie Nearhoof

Warwick Township tax collector Lynn Reapsome

Warwick Township auditor Andrew Spade

Elizabeth Township auditor Loren Miller

Judge of Election, Lititz first ward/first precinct, Suzanne Lefever

Judge of Election, Lititz first ward/second precinct, Democrat Robert Ulrich

Judge of Election, Lititz second ward/first precinct, Linda Lohr

Judge of Election, Lititz second ward/second precinct, George Chapple

Inspector of Election, Lititz second ward/second precinct, Kevin O’Brassill

Judge of Election, Lititz third ward/first precinct, Marion Chubb

Inspector of Election, Lititz third ward/second precinct, Democrat Marion Wonder

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Clay-Newport District), Patricia Shimp

Inspector of Election, Warwick Twp. (Clay-Newport), Craig Hershey

Inspector of Election, Warwick Twp. (Hilltop Manor District), Linda Kissinger

Inspector of Election, Warwick Twp. (Kissel Hill), Robert Hill

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Millport), Patricia Epps

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Newport West), Jean Brandt

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Rothsville), Barry Snader

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Southwest District), Gail Johnson

Judge of Election, Warwick Twp. (Woodcrest), Jeannine MacIntyre

Inspector of Election, Warwick Twp. (Woodcrest), Shay Kreider

Judge of Election, Elizabeth Twp., Timothy Aument

In addition to the local seats, voters will decide on some county and state positions. So, while it is expected to be a predictable Election Day in the Lititz area, voters are still encouraged to go to the polls. A list of polling locations and sample ballots can be found on the Lancaster County government website, lancaster.pa.us, or call 299-8000.

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