Democrat supporters pack Warwick Twp. meeting

By on January 18, 2018

More than 25 area residents came to the Jan. 17 Warwick Township supervisors to support Marcello Medini to fill the vacant seat as township supervisor.

Marcello Medini

Seventeen of them spoke on behalf of Medini, calling him “a wonderful person,” “a committed family man,” “a man of character,” and “qualified and dedicated.”

Robyn Talley said that naming Medini as supervisor seemed like a “no-brainer” since he had run for the office, is clearly qualified, and was at the meeting to show that he wanted the job.

In the end, three of the current Warwick Township supervisors voted to name Michael Vigunas to fill the seat. Vigunas had served as a Warwick Township supervisor since 1996. He decided not to run for reelection in 2017. The fourth supervisor Herb Flosdorf was not at the meeting.

According to chairman of the supervisors Logan Myers, Vigunas agreed to step back into the position for two more years when he was contacted about the open seat. He was not at Tuesday’s meeting and is expected to be sworn in on Feb. 7.

That seat was left open on Jan. 2 when it was announced that the newly elected supervisor Jeff McSparran had resigned shortly before taking office, citing personal and business reasons. The other newly elected supervisor Andrew Spade was sworn in and took his seat that night.

Supervisors needed to fill the open position by February and reported that several interested persons had contacted Warwick Township, sending letters of intent.

Michael Vigunas

One of them was Marcello Medini, a member of the Warwick Township Planning Commission. Medini had run for the Warwick Township supervisor seat in 2017.

At that time, the four candidates for the two open seats in the election included Republicans Jeff McSparran, 43,  and Andrew Spade, 44. and Democrats Jack Enco, 64, and Medini, 32. In that election, McSparran received 1,862 votes, followed by Spade with 1,768 votes, Medini with 1,032 votes and Enco with 937 votes.

Enco was one of those at Tuesday evening’s meeting voicing his support for Medini.

After the meeting, Medini said that he was disappointed to not be named to the position. Several others expressed the same sentiment, including new Warwick Township resident Brittany Hoeschele, who said, “I am disappointed by my first township meeting.”

“I am very humbled by all the support I received this evening. I will continue serving the township on the planning commission and I hope to run for supervisor again in 2019,” said Medini.


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