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By on September 7, 2011

By: MARIE SANDERSON Special to the Record, Staff Writer

Photo by Preston Whitcraft
Lititz Elementary students cross at East Main and Cedar streets during the first day of classes Wednesday morning.Photo by Preston Whitcraft
Lititz Elementary students cross at East Main and Cedar streets during the first day of classes Wednesday morning.

It’s here. We can all feel it in the air. Backpacks, school supplies and new clothes all signal that school has returned.

Wednesday marked the first day for Warwick School District students. What that means for Lititz is traffic congestion, school busses and lots of children walking to and from their respective schools. Parents are rushing around trying to manage getting their child off to school and still make it to work on time.

It’s a huge adjustment for all of us who live or work in Lititz. It’s an adjustment that requires patience and understanding from all who pass through the town.

Most parents explain to their children how to get to school safely. They teach their children to look both ways at all intersections and follow the direction of any adult crossing guard they come into contact with. Unfortunately, Lititz only has 13 crossing guards strategically placed throughout the borough for our students at Lititz Elementary, Bonfield and Kissel Hill. That leaves a lot of intersections these children need to cross without adult supervision.

Motorists at these intersections are in vehicles trying to get to work, school, etc. It is the motorist I would like to direct this information to. Please remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way in a crosswalk. Pedestrians, remember you need to be in a crosswalk, but you are still responsible to make sure the car sees you as you enter the crosswalk and will stop. Motorists, please pay attention at all crosswalks and all stop signs.

This awesome little town has put a lot of effort into having crosswalks clearly marked. East Main Street, South Cedar Street and North Broad Street all have overhead flashers at the crosswalks. Motorists are reminded to look for the flashing lights and pedestrians should remember to push the button to engage the lights.

This time of year can be less stressful if people remember that everyone has the same common goal — to get to school or work on time. It is essential that motorists show some patience and consideration to pedestrians. This means not speeding through a yellow light, not coasting through a stop sign, and always waiting for a crossing guard to be completely out of the intersection before proceeding.

If the traffic in town causes you stress, consider taking an alternate route. If sitting through a few light cycles is going to make you run a red light at an intersection with children trying to get to school, find a different way to go. In Lititz, there are numerous ways to get to your destination safely and in a timely manner.

This is important because the ultimate goal for everyone — students, parents and motorists — is to arrive at their destination safely.

Marie Sanderson is a civilian police aide for the Lititz Borough Police Department. More BACK TO SCHOOL, page A5

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