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By on December 5, 2012

Mrs. Claus, who will be visiting with local children along with her husband at the Lititz Springs Park caboose for the next few weekends, filed this week one report:

We visited with about 100 kids on Saturday. We were scheduled until 2 p.m., but never made it out of there until a little after 3. Needless to say, the reindeer were very hungry by the time we got back to the farm. Here are a few fun observations from our first weekend in Lititz:

Santa asks, "Have you been good?" to a little boy around 8 years old. The kid answers, "Ummmmm…maaaaaaybe…"

Santa has a 5-year-old little boy on his knee and begins asking the little one some questions in a rapid-fire mode:

"Have you been good?" The child answers "Yes!" before the question was even finished.

"Do you listen to your mom and dad"


"Do you help around the house?"


"Do you know what you want for Christmas?"


By now Santa is trying very hard NOT to laugh because the boy answers the questions so quickly. So, Santa decides to throw in an extra, unexpected question:

"Have you practiced these answers?"


After that, Santa decided to throw a few more curve balls. Now he had a 7-year-old and gave him the drill:

"Have you been good?"

Immediate answer: "Yes!"

"Help around the house?"


"Listen to your mom and dad?"


"Ever talk back?"

"Yes! … No, no, I mean, wait, NO!"

Last on the humor side, Santa listens intently as an 8-year-old girl lists everything she wants for Christmas. Santa says to her, "My, that IS a long list, isn’t it?" The girl replies, "My mom will email the rest of the list to you."

Then, there are always some that touch your heart:

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, an 8-year-old girl said softly, "A pretty dress."

When asked what he wanted for Christmas, a 4-year-old with cold little hands said, "Gloves."

Another 3-year-old answered, "Shoes."

Santa has one little boy about 4 years old who, when asked what he’d like for Christmas answered, "New pine cones for the house because they smell good and the old ones aren’t working anymore. And I want to give you this." The little boy struggled to get into his coat pocket and pulled out a gift he had received. His hands opened a small, red pouch that held three gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins. Carefully taking one out, the little boy handed it to Santa. "You should have this," he told Santa.

Jenna, 8 years old, when asked what she wanted for Christmas, looked right in Santa’s eyes and said, "A gift for my mom and a gift for my dad. Purple polka dot slippers for my mommy."

Lastly, I must tell you about Sage, who will turn 3 on Christmas Eve. When asked what he’d like for Christmas, he replied instantly, "A computer."

Shocked, Santa asked, "Would you like something else?" Sage answered, "No. I want a computer."

Gotta admire a kid who knows what he wants!

While there were some favorites that popped up pretty regularly, there were a few surprises. First, the top 10 requests:

1. Barbie or Barbie accessories

2. Legos

3. American Girl dolls

4. Trains and train sets

5. Trucks

6. Easy Bake Ovens

7. Kindles

8. iPODs (all 6 and 7 year olds’ requests)

9. iPADs

10. Books (really!)

Now, the surprises (you just never know what prompts kids to ask for some of the things that they do):

A white Christmas (and NOT the song, either!)


Bathing suit

Sewing machine

Colored duct tape

Flat screen television (yes, FULL size)

John Deere chainsaw (don’t worry, Santa made sure to confirm it was a TOY chainsaw he wanted)

Weed whacker

All one little boy wanted was a toy for his dog, but Santa should be sure that it has NO fluff in it because the dog likes to rip apart all his toys. (Side note: I asked the mom what type of dog it is and she replied, "A devil dog…sigh…")

Christmas bells

Washing machine (yes, a real one)

Violin (yes, a real one)

Bionicals (buildable robots) AND a laptop

Target gift card

iTunes gift card

Finishing up, Santa was surprised to get requests for so many "classic" toys such as:

Fire truck

Roller blades


Jump rope



My Little Pony

Hot Wheels

Doll house

"Hungry, Hungry Hippo" board game


Another board game — "Clue"

Trampoline ("kid-size" the boy specified)

Tool bench

Last entry: Santa’s youngest guest was an 8-week-old baby girl who slept through the entire visit. More REPORT, page A3

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