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Sarah Sandkuhler

Sarah Sandkuhler, a junior at Linden Hall School for Girls, will be serving on the Lititz Borough Council as a Junior Council Person from Aug. 27 until Dec. 31. She was welcomed by Council at its most recent meeting.

It was Sarah’s love of learning that drove her to apply for one of the two Junior Council Person positions.

"I thought that it sounded like an excellent opportunity to understand how government works at the level that most directly affects me," Sandkuhler said. "I enjoy learning new things, and this is an area that I really don’t know much about."

"Youths’ involvement in local government allows them to learn how government works at the level that affects them most directly and to understand the challenges local politicians face while doing their jobs," Sandkuhler said on her application "In today’s culture focused on instant gratification, the government can seem frustratingly slow. By getting youth involved in local government at the Borough Council level, they are able to understand the process of passing an ordinance and the amount of discussion and research required to fully consider all aspects of an issue. If youth are able to participate in this process, they may be less likely to become frustrated with or critical of the Council.

"Additionally, having teens participate in local government makes them more likely to be engaged in their community," Sandkuhler continued. "As a young person, it is easy to ‘tune-out’ local issues and assume that someone else will step up and do what needs to be done. Lititz Borough Council involvement helps to ensure that teens will develop into responsible citizens, informed voters, and community volunteers who will take pride in living in the Lititz area. Ultimately, youths’ involvement with local government greatly benefits both the Lititz community and the teens who participate. By becoming active community members at an early age, youth can help the community grow and prosper, ensuring a strong future and a true spirit of cooperation in our community."

Sarah had a notable scholastic career. In 7th and 8th grade, she was recognized as a Distinguished Honor Roll student for all semesters, she received the American Legion Award (for leadership, scholarship, patriotism, service, courage and honor), was a Warwick Scholar in two subject areas, received the Girl Scout Silver Award, and received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for reaching 100 hours in community service. In 9th grade, she earned scholastic awards in Honors Humanities English, French 2, and Drama. She also was recognized as a recipient of the Gold Four Award which honors students for their civic, social, personal, and co-curricular contributions to Linden Hall. During her sophomore year, Sarah was inducted into National Honor Society, earned scholastic awards in French 3, Honors American Literature, Drama, and the Gold Four Award. She also received the Myrtle V. Eckert Prize for Greatest Contribution in Music. Her campus involvement was recognized by faculty appointment to the 2013 Linden Hall May Court.

Sarah is very active in both the community and at Linden Hall. She is the President of Musea, Linden Hall’s Competition Choir; President and a violist in the Linden Hall Orchestra; a National Honor Society 2013 inductee; a member of Linden Hall’s Women’s Choir; a writer for the Linden Hall Ledger; a photographer for the yearbook; a member of the Model United Nations Club; a student ambassador; has participated in several fall plays and spring musicals at the school; is a member of the Knowledge Master Open team; a counselor for Linden Hall’s World Traveler’s Summer Day Camp. She auditioned for and participated in the Lancaster-Lebanon Music Educator’s Association 2013 County Chorus and Orchestra Festivals. She plays flute in the Lititz Community Band and is a member of Ambassador Girl Scout Troop 70010.

In what spare time she has left, Sarah enjoys reading, playing a variety of musical instruments, and watching "The Big Bang Theory" and "Downton Abbey" on TV. This summer, she went with my Girl Scout troop to four countries in Europe, and would love to travel more in the future. This year, she is planning to begin work on her Girl Scout Gold Award project, which will take a significant amount of time.

Sarah looks forward to making a difference in Lititz as well.

"I am already planning to volunteer with the Shade Tree Commission to plant trees at the Lititz Lions park on October 26th," Sandkuhler said. "It is also my understanding that I will be meeting with various other council members, and volunteer opportunities may arise from that. I attended the August 27th meeting and was impressed by the breadth of issues the council addressed, as well as the level of detailed knowledge required to deal with these issues. I look forward to learning how I can make a difference in my community."

"I feel fortunate that opportunities such as the Junior Council Person program are available," Sandkuhler concluded, "and that there are adults willing to give their time to make them possible."

Sarah resides in Lititz with her parents, Elizabeth and Robert. A brother, Christopher, attends Clemson University and her half-sister, Meghan, resides in Florida. The family has two adorable cats named Pip and Lucie.


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