‘Blessings’ come in many forms

By on August 22, 2018

No, that’s not an oversized mailbox that sits along the sidewalk in front of 57 E. Lincoln Ave. in Lititz. And while it indeed receives deliveries each day, it’s not a postal carrier or someone from FedEx who fills it.

Rather, it’s countless, often times anonymous, good Samaritans.

It’s called a Blessing Box, and it’s a food donation receptacle for local families in need. And while its only been open for less than a month, it’s already received over a quarter-ton of non-perishable food.

“I saw a picture of one online, and I decided that it would be something nice to do,” said Josh Good, who lives at the address on East Lincoln Avenue and had the idea to start the project. He states that he acquired a free piece of furniture, and then built the structure from that. After completion on July 29th, it was formally set up in front of his home, eager for generous visitors. Good then put the word out across several Central Pennsylvania Facebook pages, to alert the public that the receptacle was ready to accept donations.

“I wanted it to bring the community together, and make other people aware of other people’s standings in life and the struggles they may have,” says Good. “To know that we can all get along comfortably together.”

The Blessing Box located at 57 E. Lincoln Ave., Lititz

A county native, he’s lived in Lititz for six years. But Good would like to emphasize that the story should not focus on him, but rather, the Blessing Box­this is why he preferred not to be pictured for the story. Anything from canned goods to bottled water, baby food to pasta has passed through the shelves. Plastic bags are also located inside, for convenient transportation home.

The box, which was a hit almost instantly, received attention as word spread, especially on social media. But just when things were going well, a bit of misfortune hit the neighborhood. On Aug. 5, the opening of the box was vandalized, with small shards of glass being scattered all over the ground and sidewalk. The glass door, which once contained the phrase “BLESSING BOX. Take what you need, Leave what you can. Above all, be blessed!” was no more.

But luckily, that hasn’t stopped food from pouring in both day and night. What’s more, Good states that a Plexiglas replacement door (yes, also a donation) will be installed very soon.

Those that would like to contribute to the cause may drop off bags or boxes on the porch, and then Good stocks it as needed. Currently, the most needed items are toiletries, which according to Good, go the quickest. Baby items also go pretty fast he says. And it seems that this idea of generosity is becoming contagious–­there are currently six people who have been touched by the Lititz Blessing Box, and have begun similar projects in their communities. What’s more, Good states that he’s had contact with people from as far away as upstate New York and New Jersey.

“I go on the Facebook Marketplace, and that’s where I found out about the Blessing Box,” said Deb Adair of Lititz. “I went shopping the other day for canned goods, baby wipes, and pasta.”
When asked what drove her to take action to assist others in her community, her answer was easy.

“I just wanted to help out, it’s just that simple,” she said. “Kids take a lot of money to take care of, and if you don’t have a lot of money it’s hard to feed your family. I wanted to support him for what he’s doing, and help the community feed their families,” she added. “He’s a man with a huge heart. It’s a very good thing he’s doing.”

Cory Van Brookhoven is a staff writer for the Lititz Record Express. He welcomes your comments at cvanbrookhoven@lnpnews.com or 717-721-4423. 

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