Barbies and Legos Week 2 report from the Christmas Caboose

By on December 12, 2012

By: MRS. CLAUS Special to the Record Express, Staff Writer

Santa and I were so happy to come back to Lititz over the weekend. We didn’t get too many visits from the boys and girls this past Saturday, but those who did show up certainly were ready to meet Santa with their Christmas lists in hand!

A little after noontime, we received a telephone call from the airport where our sleigh and reindeer stay while we visit with you. It seems that Blitzen had wandered out onto the grassy area by the runway and he just simply refused to be brought back. Santa and I, unfortunately, had to go to the airport right away to retrieve our naughty reindeer. We’d like to thank everyone there for being so kind and gentle with Blitzen, as we know how he can be! And to anyone who stopped by the caboose after we were gone, we apologize but we really didn’t know what else to do in order to keep Blitzen and everyone else safe.

While we were at the caboose, we enjoyed meeting the children and found ourselves amazed by some of the gifts that were requested. Although Legos, Barbies, American Girl dolls and books (thank goodness the children still enjoy reading) were repeated over and over, we did have a few unusual wishes.

Marissa and Meagan, twins who are six years old, both wanted new beds. When asked if they ever fought with their brother, they explained, "No, we don’t fight with him, he fights with us!" Santa suggested that they might work on that point with their sibling.

Furniture popped up again when Santa talked with Tiana, age 8. It seems this little girl really wanted a new desk.

When Eliza, age 4, and her brothers Luke, age 6, and Jonah, age 8, gave their lists to my Santa-honey, we discovered that each of the children wanted costumes! Eliza wanted Captain Hook, Luke sought a Peter Pan costume and Jonah requested a coon skin cap like the one Daniel Boone wore.

Moms and dads appreciate Santa’s guidance at times, such as when Keely, age 4, asked for an iPAD. Santa sweetly suggested that she wait for that until she’s a little older. Keely, a sweet and understanding girl, then requested a Lalaloopsi doll. We were glad that she re-thought her answer.

Parents should note, too, that Santa, although he wants to make every child happy, cannot bring live animals as gifts because they get so scared in the sleigh. Instead, he always suggests that this is a family decision to be made.

We look forward to returning to Lititz this Friday night when we will be at the Christmas Market in the Rudy Building on Main Street from 6 to 8 p.m.

We will also open the caboose on Saturday, Dec. 15 and Dec. 22 from 10 a.m. until noon. Our hours are shortened this year due to Santa’s efforts to increase the toy building so that he can reach even more children.

Remember that when you bring your children to see Santa in the caboose, bring your cameras and take as many photos as you’d like! Check back with the Lititz Record Express next week when I’ll share with you some questions that the children ask Santa, along with the answers, of course! Santa’s question: Do you fight with your brother?

"No, we don’t fight with him, he fights with us."

~ Marissa and Meagan More VISITING SANTA, page A17

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