Winter beach party at Bube’s

By on January 24, 2018

Have below normal temperatures, snow and freezing rain got you down and homebound? The folks at Bube’s Brewery have a way for you to beat those winter blues.

On Jan. 25 through 30, Bube’s is kicking off its annual indoor beach party with a variety of fun summer time activities. In order to do this, Bube’s is bringing in five tons of sand and a boardwalk.

Activities will include live music, an open mic talent show, contests, Karaoke, DJ, trivia challenge and Yards Tap Beer Girls. Event planners say the event is a fun way to get everyone feeling better about the cold.

“This just gives people a break,” said William Waddell, general manager at Bube’s Brewery. “We just went through a snow weekend where people couldn’t even get out and now they can get away from their troubles a little bit and come in and act like it’s summertime, even if it’s two degrees outside. “They can be in here and we’ll treat them like it’s summertime.”

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