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By on January 28, 2015

Wil Monestime brings his A-game to Mick’s every Thursday night

From the world famous NBA Store in New York City — interviewing legendary basketball players and working at the All-Star Game — Wil Monestime can now be heard Thursday’s hosting trivia at Mick’s All American Pub in Lititz through Roses Entertainment.

He first started to DJ in 1996, and attended Emerson College for TV/radio broadcast in Boston, where he was born and raised. A big-time basketball fan, his path led him to the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC as the in-store DJ. When they saw his skill set, they started having him do interviews with the professional players. It took off from there, landing him at the All-Star Game six times so far. He still works for the NBA Store, and a reel of his previous interviews can be found on YouTube.

Family led him from the big city to the small town of Lititz, where he now works nightly gigs through Roses and corporate events and weddings through Titus Touch Music in York.

“I enjoy the quiet,” Monestime said of Lititz.

A charismatic and personable DJ, he leads a fun and light-hearted game of trivia at Mick’s. With four rounds of trivia, one being a picture round, the game is challenging with questions on history, sports, movies, geography, music and fashion, among others. To make it a little easier, some multiple choice questions are thrown in. Each round has a bonus question, and at the end of every round, Monestime comes around to chat with the teams, collect their sheets and complete the scores.

“What tree gets its name because its leaves resemble human hands?”

“In humans, what color are the vocal chords?”

“How many eyes does an earthworm have?”

Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” plays from the speakers. What year was it released?

Think those questions are challenging? The picture round might have been the hardest. Name 10 of the U.S. presidents based on their pictures.

Who are the presidents? The urge to use Google is overwhelming. Someone points to one of the pictures. “I think that is the guy on the $20 bill, just with different hair.”

A teammate asked, “Is looking at a $20 bill cheating?” Nobody has cash anyway.


Trivia at Mick’s is a slam dunk with NBA Store personality Wil Monestime at the helm. Check out his website,, to see his interviews with basketball stars Magic Johnson, Walt Frazier, and Meadowlark Lemon. (Photo from

Trivia at Mick’s is a slam dunk with NBA Store personality Wil Monestime at the helm. Check out his website,, to see his interviews with basketball stars Magic Johnson, Walt Frazier, and Meadowlark Lemon. (Photo from


There is the collective “aww” of disappointment as Monestime reads the questions and the answers at the end of every round, along with the scores. Some team names include Whiskey Business, Piglets Party and Tequila Mockingbird, to name a few.

It is important to mention that on Thursdays at Mick’s, it is Mexican night. This means specials on tacos and nachos, as well as $4 margaritas. Tequila.

The Tequila Mockingbird team was all giggles, a few friends out for girls night. Laura Temple of Manheim is the group expert in music. Deb Brown of Denver is best at the history questions because, as she said, “I’m the oldest.” Lititz resident Michelle Blazek helps the team with geography, and Leanne Garner of Manheim received a table of laughter when asked what her favorite trivia topic is. It was recently her birthday, and her friends were having fun picking on her. “What did you get right tonight?” one asked.

“These girls are my favorite,” said Monestime as he came around to collect their final answers.


Tequila Mockingbird was the winning team last Thursday, but can they repeat Jan. 29? (Left to right) Laura Temple, Deb Brown, Michelle Blazek, Leanne Garner. (Photo by Lenay Ruhl)

Tequila Mockingbird was the winning team last Thursday, but can they repeat Jan. 29? (Left to right) Laura Temple, Deb Brown, Michelle Blazek, Leanne Garner. (Photo by Lenay Ruhl)


Later, although the team came across as not-so-serious trivia players, it turned out they were the first place winner, taking home a Mick’s gift card.

The trivia teams at Mick’s have been consistently defeated by the Snowballs Chance. Only two of the four team members were present this night, and they were leaving early so the undefeated team opened the door for a new trivia champion. The group, all Warwick graduates, consists of Cory Van Brookhoven, Terry Smythe, and brothers Abdula and Zahid Vermani.

Of the teams that return each week, Monestime said, “It makes it a little more fun.”

According to Monestime, there are usually about 12 to 15 teams on average every week at Mick’s. “I like the crowd,” he said. “The staff here is really cool, very personable.”

Trivia at Mick’s starts every Thursday at 8 p.m. with a Mexican night theme including $1.75 tacos, $8.99 beef nachos and $4 margaritas.

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