These broads sure can cook

By on May 2, 2018

And look, they wrote another book

The group from “8 Broads in the Kitchen” has published another book: “Breakfast & Brunch Recipes: Favorites from 8 innkeepers of notable Bed & Breakfasts across the U.S.”

The trademarked name “8 Broads in the Kitchen” is the innkeeper friends who also share a blog under the same name.

“One of the things that I think is very true for all of us is we’re all about food being a part of hospitality,” said Kathryn White, former innkeeper in Hanover. “We have good times with friends and family gathered around the table.”

Lynette Scofield, innkeeper at William Henry Miller in Ithaca, N.Y., invented the name.

“It was going to be Bed & Breakfast, and I said, ‘Come on, we’re broads in the kitchen,’” said Scofield.

The authors of “Breakfast & Brunch Recipes: Favorites from 8 innkeepers of notable Bed & Breakfasts across the U.S.” held a book signing at Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast in Lititz. Owner Debbie Mosimann, is one of the co-authors. Here, Nancy Illg is getting her copy signed. (Photos by Michele Walter Fry)

“I’m old enough, and I’ve done enough, and I’ve lived long enough to be a broad,” laughed Scofield.

This attitude is what endears fans to them and their books.

Broad Debbie Mosimann hosted the book signing at her Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast in Lititz, which feels a world away from Lancaster County, although only three miles from downtown Lititz. Guests get the feeling they are in Switzerland on the 35-acre property which overlooks Speedwell Forge Lake. The Conestoga Trail goes straight through the property, so guests can also do some hiking.

“We lived in Switzerland when we were planning this,” said Debbie Mosimann. “We brought the plans with us,”

“I’m originally from Winterthur, Switzerland,” said Werner Mosimann.

“It’s a modern Swiss house, we call it a modified chalet,” said explained his wife.

Recipes from “Breakfast & Brunch Recipes: Favorites from 8 innkeepers of notable Bed & Breakfasts across the U.S.” were served at the book signing on April 29.

The Mosimanns have “green thumbs” inside and out of the chalet. The property is not manicured; it is more styled as an English landscape than a formal garden. The scenery is a more wild, idealized view of nature.

Scofield commented on Lititz.

“This is the most beautiful area,” she said. “I think it’s so clean, I think the houses are lovely; it just looks like everybody is proud to live here and they take good care of their property.”

Four of the broads were present at the book signing, held April 29. Recipes from their book were served as quests mingled.

“It’s nice to have a cookbook for innkeepers,” said Lynne Griffin, owner of Australian Walkabout Inn, Lancaster. “I make things regularly out of their first cookbook.”

Griffin likes the Blueberry Bread Pudding with Orange Scented Custard.

“I had 10 for breakfast this morning and I made this,” said Griffin. “I’ve found a lot of particularly helpful things in here, particularly the fruit recipes. With people staying two or three days, I could fix the same thing every day, but that would get really boring for me.”

“I can’t wait to try these granola pancakes,” said Gaylen Matlock, owner of Carriage Corner B&B in Gordonville.

Both innkeepers loved the Crustless Asparagus and Goat Cheese Frittata, served at the event, and they talked details.

“It’s the herbes de provence that make it good, and you’ve got to get those at Shady Maple with the lavender in it,” said Griffin.

Kathy and Jeff Heil, from Waltz Vineyard, Lynne Griffin, and Gaylen Matlock compared notes on the hospitality business. The grounds and inn at Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast were inspired by Switzerland.

Donna Riahi came from Lancaster to get her book signed.

“I collect cookbooks, and I like the idea of cooperative cooking, people getting together and sharing recipes.

Because they operate a bed and breakfast, they have to come up with recipes that are going to go across the board for their guests. They have to make things different so it’s not what you’re going to get everywhere else,” said Riahi.

The book is published locally by Merle and Phyllis Good, editors of Walnut Street Books, Lancaster.

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