The holiday spirit continues in Manheim

By on December 12, 2018


Gabe Dilazzaro of Harrisburg, sports festive attire.


Manheim continued to celebrate the holidays with special events including a Christmas Shop at Supply and the Lancaster Liederkranz third annual Christkindlmarkt.

Christmas Shop at Supply

Supply’s Christmas Shop featured over 20 area vendors and a Walk In Love pop-up shop. It was held Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 1 and provided an opportunity for guests to find unique gifts to fill their holiday list.

This is the second year for a Christmas-themed artisan fair at Supply. Like last year, a number of visitors got into the spirit and were sporting fun, holiday-themed attire as they examined the selection of gift items.

Those items included candles, jewelry, holiday décor, and hand-knitted and crocheted items. In addition to checking out the selection of items, guests also had an opportunity to discuss items offered for sale with vendors and even to see some of those items take shape. In between customers Jessalynn Heydenreich, of Handmade by Jessalynn, was busy crocheting other items such as blankets.

Storied Wares owner Laura Brady said Supply’s event was her first show. She mostly sells the vintage home décor items online.

“It’s been pretty fun,” she said. “People stop and look at what we have and often remark that their mother or grandmother had a similar item. Each item we have has a story to tell, and adding vintage pieces to a modern home décor adds warmth and character.”

The colorful baskets at Erin Ruff’s booth also have a story. Ruff is the founder of The Kisseman Children’s Foundation, and the non-profit’s Baskets for Education initiative supports children’s education in Kisseman, Ghana. The baskets are made by women in Ghana. The weavers are paid for their baskets upfront with a guaranteed fair wage. Basket proceeds support the foundation’s efforts.

Walk in Love, founded by Supply partners Brooke and TJ Mousetis, is headquarted at Supply. It makes T-shirts with Christian and inspirational messages and sells them via its website. During the Christmas Shop, Walk in Love hosted a pop up shop.

Jessalynn Heydenreich created hand-knit items during Supply’s Christmas Shop event.


Erin Ruff poses with hand-woven baskets crafted by women in Ghana. The baskets are part of The Kisseman Children’s Foundation’s Baskets for Education initiative.


This was the third year for the Lancaster Liederkranz’s Christkindlmarkt. Like many other events hosted by the Liederkranz, this one is rooted in German heritage. In a tradition that dates to the 1500s, small- to medium-sized German towns hold Christkindlmarkts outdoors in the town square during the four weeks of Advent.

“Our goal is to share our cultural heritage with the community through this family-friendly event and give local artisans an opportunity to showcase their talents,” said Elise Bullington, Christkindlmarkt chair.

More than 30 vendors were in the outdoor pavilion, and a tent erected to its side. Guests not only could purchase interesting gift items, including handcrafted soaps, dog treats, jewelry, ornaments, hand-painted glassware, Moravian stars, baked goods, and packaged German delicacies, but they also had an opportunity to view performances from Christmas carolers and the club’s dancers and singers. German food and beverages were also featured.

Members of the Lancaster Liederkranz Alpenrose Schuhplattlers Autumn (left) and Avery Zodet prepare for a performance at the organization’s Christkindlmarkt.

Connor Jensen creates a “reindeer.”

Facepainter Ava Martin created this pretzel facepainting for Fefe, a member of the Lancaster Liederkranz Alpenrose Kindergruppe.

Jennifer King (left) with United Disability Services service dog Nova and Sonja Haught with Packer. UDS service dogs helped draw attention to the UDS booth at the Christkindlmarkt.

Carolers take the stage at the Lancaster Liederkranz Christkindlmarkt.

There was an opportunity for visits with Santa. Children were also invited to the Ratskeller (basement) of the clubhouse, for face painting and crafts, including creating lanterns, that were used later in the day for the processional to the tree, and natural ornaments for the tree. The ornaments will provide food for birds and other animals. The tree was lit as part of the concluding Christkindlmarkt activities.

To ease the parking situation, a shuttle bus provided transportation to an offsite parking area, and an area was designated for people waiting for rides from ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Judging from the number of people seen carrying packages, as well as the number of people in both the pavilion and clubhouse, the event was a success.

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Members of the Alpenrose Kindergruppe perform during Christkindlmarkt.

(Photos by Rochelle Shenk and LNP)

Evan Pennell, 22-months, center right, son of Steven and Stephanie Pennel, Manheim, didn’t enjoy his time of the lap Knecht Ruprecht, seated, during a celebration at the Lancaster Liederkranz Christkindlmarkt on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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