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By on December 3, 2014

If your Sunday morning typically begins with hangover and regret, and you are searching for a place to grab a “hair on the dog” drink and pull yourself out of your self-inflicted sickness, the Record Express has found an entire day dedicated to the most common drink associated with curing a hangover. (Hint: it’s not water.)

La Piazza

La Piazza in Lititz now offers a Bloody Mary bar on Sundays. Starting about three months ago, the bar gives patrons the option of creating their own Bloody Mary or letting the bartender prepare it for them. Sacrificing a Sunday afternoon to experiment with this Bloody Mary bar, here are the steps to creating a Bloody Mary.

Bartender Vanessa Minnich Belyea mixes a Bloody Mary for a not-so-adventurous customer.

Bartender Vanessa Minnich Belyea mixes a Bloody Mary for a not-so-adventurous customer.

But first, some disclosures:

We can’t promise it will taste good. Make at your own risk.

If you’re going to start your day off making Bloody Marys, make sure you don’t have any obligations later in the day. Before long, your hangover cure can quickly transition to putting you on your way to an evening hangover.

Bloody Mary bar rules

  1. Choose your vodka — The bar vodka is only $4, but you can select any vodka you like and pay the difference in price. The Bloody Mary bar is essentially free, just purchase your vodka.
  2. V8 Juice — Get your morning dose of veggies and pour some V8 juice in your vodka.
  3. Next, add Worcestershire sauce. Grab a straw and taste.
  4. La Piazza offers several different Tabasco sauces and hot sauces to add to the Bloody Mary, depending on what level of hot you prefer.
  5. Pick your seasoning. Some spices include salt, pepper, celery salt, lemon pepper and Old Bay.
  6. If you like horseradish, drop a spoonful of that in there too.
  7. Add garnishes — The bar offers carrots, celery, olives, pickles, limes, lemons and even shrimp to top off your Bloody Mary.
  8. Stir and enjoy!

If you’ve never made a Bloody Mary before, the bartenders are more than happy to direct you through the process. Bartender Vanessa Minnich Belyea said she noticed that most people are shy at first, and prefer to let the bartender make their Bloody Mary. After they’ve had a few they get brave and try to mix their own. The secret to being successful in the mixing process is to add, taste and add more. You can’t take it out once it’s in there, but if you’re too shy about your ingredients, you’ll miss out on all the zest.

The Bloody Mary bar is open all day Sunday at La Piazza. (Photos by Lenay Ruhl)

The Bloody Mary bar is open all day Sunday at La Piazza. (Photos by Lenay Ruhl)

The mix that they have premade has tons of flavor, but it does have a slow heat to it. If you ask them to make your Bloody Mary, feel free to add more V8 juice as you drink it down, as it can get pretty hot. You can also help yourself to the garnishes at the bar. La Piazza owner Giuseppe Gambino said that although the Bloody Mary bar is open all day on Sundays, they have noticed that its popularity usually dies around four, when the first set of football games are finished.

Speaking of football, the bar has the NFL ticket. What better way to spend a Sunday than watching the football game of your choice on one of many flat screen TVs while sipping a Bloody Mary? The bar also has an extensive drink menu of martinis, margaritas, cocktails, beer and wine for those who don’t like a Bloody Mary. Right now they have some seasonal drink options including the Smashing Pumpkin Cocktail and a Salted Caramel Appletini.

Don’t forget to eat! Along with their full menu of appetizers, subs, sandwiches, stromboli, pizza and pasta, they are also offering butternut squash ravioli and potato and Italian sausage soup for the winter season. For dessert they’ve added gluten free hazelnut chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream and monkey bread with salted caramel ice cream, to name a few new items.

The party doesn’t have to stop on the weekend. Monday evenings in the bar have a Mexican theme with specials on Corona, margaritas and tacos. In the dining room, there is live jazz music and what is known as Mussels Monday, where the restaurant offers a mussel themed menu that is not typically available any other day.

Check out La Piazza’s daily specials, and be sure to stop in for their new Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays!

Daily specials

Monday: Corona and Corona Lite bottles – $2.50

Margaritas – $5; Two Tacos for $2.50; Special Mussel Menu available

Tuesday: Captain or Jack with Mixer – $3.50; Trashcans – $8.50; Appetizers – half off from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Wednesday: Gray Goose drinks – $4; Free slice of pizza with the purchase of a draft from 8 to 10 p.m.

Thursday: Lager pints – $2, Lager pitchers – $7.50; Orange Crushes – $4; Dozen Wings – $4.75

Friday: Coors Light pints – $2 from 8 p.m. to midnight

Saturday: Miller Lite pints – $2, Miller Lite pitchers – $7.50; Jager Bombs – $5; Dozen Wings – $4.75/doz

Sunday: Coors Lite pints – $2, Coors Lite Pitchers – $7.50; Bloody Mary Wells – $4; Dozen Wings – $4.75

La Piazza is located at 800 Lititz Pike. Takeout is available at 625-1222. Visit their website at to view a full menu.

Lenay Ruhl is a correspondent for the Lititz Record Express. She welcomes your comments and questions at

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