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By on March 27, 2019

‘The Field Guide to Evil’

Something sinuous is coming to Lancaster this weekend. “The Field Guide to Evil” is a feature length anthology presenting myths, lore, and folktales from countries around the world in multiple parts, and will open in select theaters around the U.S. this weekend. Zoetropolis in Lancaster is one of those theaters.

“Treatises on forbidden love, Greek underworld goblins, medieval Hungarian cobblers and U.S. hillbilly folklore” and more coming from Austria, Germany, Norway, India, Poland, and Turkey comprise this film. Produced in part by Legion M, a fan-owned production company (which, disclaimer, I am a small part of), “The Field Guide to Evil” is the follow-up effort from Tim League and Ant Timpson. League and Timpson brought cult fans the “ABCs of Death” in 2012.

“We asked filmmakers to explore the folklore and mythology … the strange tales from all over the globe,” said League in a promo video.

The trailer looks pretty creepy, too.

I will be hosting a Legion M meetup for the Friday night showing at Zoetropolis. If you plan on coming out for the movie, make sure to sign up for the meetup; Google or search Facebook for: Lancaster (PA) Evilgoers “Field Guide to Evil” Movie Meetup for all the info. I’ll have goodies to hand out for all those who signed up and purchased a ticket for the Friday, 8:30 p.m. showing.

Insider info: With the success of the film’s premiere at SXSW, Legion M is already in discussions to expand “The Field Guide to Evil” into a TV series. Stay tuned!

Also in theaters: ‘Us’

If I told you “Us” knocked “Captain Marvel” out of the number one spot at the box office would you say “get out?” Insert groans here. OK, that’s a bad dad joke, but “Us,” the sophomore effort from funnyman turned fright-master Jordan Peele (“Get Out”), did indeed nab the top spot over the weekend. This proves once again that horror is the king of cash in the movie world as “Us” brought in almost four times its budget.

“Us” is the story of the Wilson family, who just want to get away to their Santa Cruz vacation home and spend a little quality time together as a family. What they don’t know is that dad Gabe (Winston Duke, “Black Panther”), mom Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o, “12 Years a Slave”), daughter Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph, “Hairspray Live!”), and son Jason (Evan Alex) have a set of twins raised in an alternate underworld, and this unseen sect of humanity has chosen now as the time to strike and make their symbolic, political protest against above-ground dwellers — by killing their alternates and forming a human link across America, à la 1986’s Hands Across America.

“Us” is chock full of fun ‘80s references (like the VHS copy of “C.H.U.D.” sitting next to the TV in the opening scene) making it as fun to watch as it is disturbing. Although a bit more filtered this time, Peele nailed this movie by giving us a complete product, unlike “Get Out.” The movie makes harsh political and social statements, but does not get bogged down in preaching. “Us” fulfills the wants of slasher flick fans, yet keeps the plot cerebral enough to not lose those looking for a more intelligent twist on horror. It is easy to follow — sometimes a little too easy — and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire 116-minute run. And what a soundtrack!

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