Redware pottery exhibit opens March 10

By on March 6, 2019

Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum announces its landmark new two-year exhibit, “Thrown, Fired, and Glazed: The Redware Tradition from Pennsylvania and Beyond,” opening March 10. Half of the exhibit will be installed in 2019 and the other half in 2020. Focusing on Pennsylvania redware, the installation draws from a variety of collections to take visitors on a historical trans-Atlantic tour of this unique form of pottery.

“Throughout the exhibit’s duration, we will show about 150 redware pieces each year,” says Jennifer Royer, curator at the museum. “Many pieces are never seen by the public and come from both private collections, our own collection, and the collections of other public institutions, such as the Barnes Foundation, Winterthur, and the Hershey Museum.”

While highlighting differences between Northern and Southern United States and European styles, it will focus on Pennsylvania and its German community, covering archaeological pieces, traditional work, the creation of redware, and the revival of the artform. Visitors will wander among slipware, decorated in streams of colored clay, and sgraffito pottery, which have designs scratched out of a colored film of watered-down clay applied to the top of the piece. Some are monochrome; some are colored with oxides under a clear lead glaze: copper for green, iron for brown, cobalt for blue, and manganese for purple or blackish brown. The personalities and colloquial language of the individual potters are also captured within the glaze, as some inscribed dedications, names, dates, and words of wisdom on their wares in both German and English.

The exhibit openings coincide with the museum’s Charter Day event, a day of free admission to Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission sites. The event begins at noon and ends at 5 p.m. and will feature wagon rides and historic craft and trade demonstrations.

The venue is located at 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster. More information on the exhibit and Charter Day can be found on the museum’s website, or by calling 717-569-0401.

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