Reach for the Top at The Hill, Taste of The Town

By on October 29, 2015
Reach for the Top at The Hill, Taste of The Town

Reach for the Top at The Hill
What happens when you reach the top of The Hill?
You get a week of great fun and great food, of course. And the place is at The Hill in Ephrata, where you will find smooth sippin’ tequilas, innovative weekend creations, weeklong entertainment and good friends to enjoy it with. On the weekend, owner Jon Speros comes up with dishes you will never find anywhere else, like Filet Cordon Moo, a take-off on chicken Cordon Bleu, with filet mignon, Swiss cheese, prosciutto and apple brandy cream sauce, or Sir Lamb A Lot with lollipop lamb chops and Australian lamb chop loin. But don’t get your heart set on any of these dishes. Jon never repeats them. So you will have to just stop in this weekend to find out what he’s cooking up for Friday and Saturday.

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