Rain on Main (Weather challenges 2nd Friday musicians)

By on April 16, 2014
Jeff Brag, WHS student and 2nd Friday street musician

Jeff Brag, WHS student and 2nd Friday street musician

On a damp Friday evening in downtown Lititz last week, the rain on East Main almost stopped the music from playing. When the storms started, that’s when most of the Second Friday musicians packed up their gear and headed home.

“It’s too rainy for me,” said Jeff Brag, a junior at Warwick High School who works at a local produce warehouse. Bragg is counting on extra earnings from his street performances to cover the expenses of his trip to Germany as an exchange student this summer. On a good night he can go home with almost a hundred dollars in tips, but not last Friday. After some time under skies as grey as the stone of the bank building behind him, Bragg netted “only a couple of bucks.” He vows to be back though, when the weather is better.

Further up the street, the band Main Street Mystics loaded up their equipment after a few tunes. Not long before, band leader Randy Bucksner’s sax wailed as he and fellow band members played an impressive set in front of Tiger’s Eye.

“We do a lot of outdoor gigs,” said Bucksner. “We wait it out and see,” he said of the weather, but noted that concerns over rain causing damage to their instruments cut short their concert Friday night. Like Bragg, Bucksner and his band will be back. If you missed them Friday night, you can catch them at their next local gig, which will be indoors at the Lititz Library on May 11 at 6 p.m.

The only band that seemed unaffected by the weather was Forgiven, who played under a tent the entire night outside of Think Silk.

“We’ve forgiven the rain,” joked guitarist and impromptu percussionist Carmelo Abreu. Through gentle rain and strong showers, the band kept playing their brand of classic rock with a Christian twist.

The elements proved a bigger challenge for their audience, who took shelter several times under the eaves of nearby shops to watch the show. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kevin O’Brassil was impressed with the tenacity of the crowd, and was happy to see people enjoying the music despite the weather.

“When we played our version of a Moody Blues song that we call ‘Jesus is Savior,’ a couple stood out and danced,” he said. “This is one of the best spots in town to play.”

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Randy Bucksner of the Main Street Mystics

Randy Bucksner of the Main Street Mystics

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