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By on February 22, 2017


Ephrata Main

(Feb. 22-March 2)

The Lego Batman Movie

LaLa Land


LEGO Batman brought in $53 million during its opening weekend. (Warner Bros)

LEGO Batman brought in $53 million during its opening weekend. (Warner Bros)

Penn Cinema

(Feb. 23)

Resident Evil



(Feb. 23- March 2)

Get Out

Rock Dog *

Rusulka (Metropolitan Opera Live Broadcast, Feb. 25 and March 1)

Say Anything (1989) Monday Night Classic (Feb. 27) with Tuesday morning encore (Feb. 28)

Manchester By The Sea (special Oscar encore…Feb. 26 through March 2)

The Great Wall

The Great Wall IMAX 3D

The Cure For Wellness

Fist Fight


The Lego Batman Movie IMAX

Lego Batman

Fifty Shades Darker

John Wick Chapter Two

Rogue One IMAX 3D



A Dogs Purpose

Moana Sing-Along


The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Hidden Figures


Rogue One

La La Land

*Opens Friday, Feb. 24

**Newsies is a recorded version of the Broadway show. Playing Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 7 p.m.

Check both Main Theater and Penn Cinema websites and Facebook pages for more information


Notes from the Booth

Looking at another quiet weekend ahead of the massive opening for Logan on March 3. Lego Batman looks for the three-peat top the Box Office while 50 Shades Darker, La La Land and Hidden Figures all continue to hold strong. In movie lingo, they “have legs.” With the Oscars on Sunday night, look for a spike in La La Land this weekend

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