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By on May 14, 2014

Bobby D continues to drum up support

Local drummer Bobby D is always putting his talent to good use. Next on his concert agenda is a fundraiser for the local food bank. Our photographer caught up with him during 2nd Friday in downtown Lititz.

“From my Friday performance at Ken’s Music, I raised $200 on the head,” he said. “I went and purchased the first Weis Market gift card the next morning.

The Event: June 7, 1 to 5 p.m. Bobby D & Friends, Hooked On Drums & Calling Out Hunger at 101 Maple Street (rear of water treatment plant) in Lititz.

The call is now out to all area drummers of all ages and backgrounds, skill, styles and playing levels.

The Objective: Leading up to the June 7 event, he plans to collect enough donations to purchase a “Pallet of Food.” The recipient will be the Lititz-Warwick Community Chest (the local food bank).

Bobby D is looking for drummers for his June 7 Fight Against Hunger event. This photo was taken in downtown Lititz during the May 9 2nd Friday. (Photo by Stan Hall)

Bobby D is looking for drummers for his June 7 Fight Against Hunger event. This photo was taken in downtown Lititz during the May 9 2nd Friday. (Photo by Stan Hall)

“The reason I was not doing a standard food drive for this event, in talking to the organizers at the Community Chest, I learned that there were a few things that they had an abundance of and other items that there were little to none of,” said Bobby. “The pallet will be tailored to fit their specific needs.”

Drums for food. Entertainment for a need. A first for Lititz?

“The pallet idea for me is a huge leap of faith and a first for me,” he added. “For the Lititz area, for the cool town that we are, this will be a first. I’m operating in the mode of ‘failure is not an option’.”

After the fundraising efforts to purchase the pallet are addressed, the second hardest task remains, recruiting the local drummers and musicians who heed the call and come and hang out and join our efforts. Like clockwork, each year following an event, Bobby D receives calls after an event.

“I get calls from drummers and a lot of mothers telling me why they would not come out to play or why their son or daughter couldn’t come out,” he said. “The biggest excuse each year is ‘I’m afraid to play out.’ I go into my spill about this being the time to gather and have fun. There is no right or wrong, good player, bad player. We’re all musicians and dancers coming together for the one cause.”

This year, for the participants who have used the reason of afraid, Bobby has programmed a very cool hip-hop beat to one of the songs, appropriately titled “Afraid.”

“After the song the beat continues and we engage the audience on buckets, paint cans, and any other form of percussion that they bring with them,” he said. “We are going to do the same for the song ‘Happy’ — create a Lititz stomp-style band. I’m still out recruiting for anyone who will heed the call and come join us.

The entry fee: a bag of groceries.

Bobby’s partners for the venue are The FoodStock Organization, a group of local artists and musicians whose main purpose is to utilize their talents and raise funds and awareness to fight hunger.

“I shared my concept with their board of directors and they immediately were on board with it,” he said. “John Sullivan, the store manager for a large area market has also come on board with personal support and some details which will be disclosed further into the project. All of the food collected and displayed will be placed on the back of a Weaver’s Garage flatbed truck. At the end of the event and while it is still on the truck, we deliver it to the Warwick Community Chest.

“To my community, if you know of someone, near or far, please share the information with them. All they need bring with them is their drum set and a rug, and a desire to share their time and talents as we call out hunger.

“I am especially interested in the basement drummers and my dashboard drummers. Always and especially, I want those who had a dream that they were a drummer. Finally, to all of my worship drummers, I perform a segment demonstrating our style of music. Until someone tells me what David sounded like or a better way to do this, it’s Psalm 150 all the way to the Warwick Community Chest.

You can reach Bobby D at or 468-5328.

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