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By on April 5, 2017

Ephrata Main

(April 6- April 13)

Boss Baby

Power Rangers


Penn Cinema

(April 6)

Lego Batman

Get Out

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(April 6-April 13)

The Smurfs*

Going in Style

The Case for Christ

On Golden Pond (Monday, April 10)

Facing Darkness Encore (Monday, April 10)

The Zookeeper’s Wife (exclusive run at Penn Cinema)

Boss Baby

Ghost in the Shell



Power Rangers

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast 3D

Kong in 2D


The Shack

*Opens Friday, April 7

**Check both Main Theater and Penn Cinema websites and Facebook pages for more information


Notes From The Booth

At the time of writing there is some pushing and shoving in Hollywood as the studio’s argue over who gets to be in IMAX this week. We are pushing to bring back Beauty And The Beast to IMAX. Watching the studios fight is like watching an old fashioned Godzilla vs. King Kong movie — they all move slow and look really awkward doing it! Attention old guys — Going In Style is gonna be hilarious, I personally can’t wait to see it, but The Smurfs will likely bump Boss Baby for the top spot!

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