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By on March 29, 2017

Ephrata Main

(March 29-March 30)


The Shack


(March 31- April 6)

Boss Baby

Power Rangers

A scene from "Table 19"

A scene from “Table 19”

Penn Cinema

(March 30)

Hidden Figures

Table 19


(March 30- April 6)

The Zookeeper’s Wife (exclusive run at Penn Cinema)*

Boss Baby*

Ghost in the Shell in IMAX 3D*

Ghost in the Shell*

North by Northwest (Sunday, April 2)

The Sound of Music (Monday, April 3)



Power Rangers

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast 3D

Kong in 2D


The Shack

Get Out

Lego Batman

*Opens Friday, March 31

**Check both Main Theater and Penn Cinema websites and Facebook pages for more information.

A screen capture from "The Zookeeper's Wife"

A screen capture from “The Zookeeper’s Wife”

Notes From The Booth

Hidden Figures is the next victim of Beauty And The Beast. Figures leaves after 12 weeks and it would have stayed longer but Beauty continues to demand many showings a day. Boss Baby and Ghost In The Shell both look to be strong entries into the lineup but neither will bump Beauty from the top spot. And Penn Cinema is pleased to present The Zookeeper’s Wife in an exclusive run this week! Zookeeper stars Jessica Chastain in another very strong role. Ghost gets an IMAX 3D run but there are no other 3D shows this week.


Will the "CHiPs" redux stack up to the original TV series?  Does any redux?

Will the “CHiPs” redux stack up to the original TV series? Does any redux?


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