Lititz weekends start with market night

By on May 24, 2017

Seth Hiller and daughter Alice checked in with family friend-vendor-market organizer Lauren Ellis at Thursday’s farmers market.

Nobody quite knew what to expect May 18 as the Downtown Lititz Farmers Market started its 10th year.

There was a new location, the BB&T-owned parking lot between Lititz Run and the Parkview Hotel. There was a new day, Thursday instead of Saturday, and a new time, late afternoon (4:30 p.m. until dusk) instead of morning. And there was heat, 90 degrees as the vendors were setting up.

By all appearances, the new spot, day and time worked out, and nobody seemed bothered by the temperature.

Fresh flowers are a traditional part of the weekly farm market. (Photos by Dick Wanner)

Lauren Ellis — who along with Stephanie Samuel and Brittney Horst organizes the weekly market — recalled how the trio scrambled to find a spot last year when BB&T told them they could no longer use their Water Street parking lot Saturday mornings. But they didn’t scramble long before the bank granted access to the Parkview site.

It turned out to be a good spot, Ellis believes. She was there for opening night selling shrimp and other fresh-from-the-ocean goodies for the J.B. Kelly Seafood Connection. She was happy with her sales and with the turnout. One of Ellis’ customer-friends, Krisha Hiller of Lititz, said she likes Thursday nights.

Denise Freeman (left) and Michelle Bingham are partners in the Woodcrest Daylilies farm on Woodcrest Avenue in Lititz.

“It’s the start of the weekend, and once you get to Saturday there are so many other things to do,” she said. She was at the market with her husband, Seth, and her daughter Alice.

Douglas Kilgore, who is the executive director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture office in Lancaster, operates the McCalls Ferry Farm in York County. The Kilgore family has been selling their homegrown beef and pork as a family business for five years, and he likes the new location and time in Lititz. They raise Jersey and Jersey-cross dairy steers for beef. Kilgore said the smaller Jersey animals yield steaks that are just as tasty as those that come from their much beefier Holstein cousins. But the steaks are smaller and Kilgore believes he caters to a market that likes smaller steaks.

Abbie Ellis, daughter of one of the market organizers, Lauren Ellis, chalks out an image on the asphalt while her mom helps customers of the J.B. Kelly Seafood Connection.

Bretta Breads has been coming to the market since the very beginning, and Bretta, who considers shaping a loaf of bread a meaningful profession all its own, said she was happy with the Thursday trade.

The pictures tell the rest of the story…

The Lititz Farmers Market returns this Thursday night and will be back every week through October. Look for information about live entertainment and special themes in upcoming editions of the Record Express.

Dick Wanner is a staff reporter and photographer for the Record Express. He welcomes reader feedback at


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