Lititz native makes her mark on the D.C. music scene

By on August 14, 2019

You could say Lititz native Jennifer Scott is multi-talented.

A lawyer by day, she also finds the time to front Bergamot Rose, a Washington D.C.-based band that describes their music as “a sound palette of world rhythms infused with a French twist.”

In addition to Scott on piano and vocals, the group also boasts strings, bass, guitar, and percussion.

Inspiration would come at an early age for this multi-lingual musician who has a new album and single on the horizon.

“Music found me at 3 years old, playing melodies by ear on a toy piano I wore out,” she said. “I started piano lessons at age four, and the rest is history.”

This passion would continue for many years; and along the way, she decided to compose songs in several languages.

I also sing in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and of course English,” she said. “I initially started performing world jazz for French diplomatic and social functions in the D.C. area, inspired by Pink Martini’s multi-lingual music.”

“Fast forward a couple years, I applied to present original music at The Intersections Festival before the music had been written. When the festival accepted my project, I had to sit down and get to work! I drew upon sounds and concepts I loved and grew up with, ranging from classical to alternative music. For me, music was never a hobby but was rather an identity and a lifestyle.”

Deciding to rebrand as a musician, in the summer of 2017, she went on to create Bergamot Rose.

“I wanted to evoke the sense of tartness balanced by the softness of the rose, and I liked that bergamot and rose are the top fragrance notes in my favorite perfume.”

Since forming, they’ve had the opportunity to perform for The French Ambassador, The French Embassy, The Canadian Delegation to OAS as well as many others across the diplomatic community.

“The French American Chamber of Commerce hosts numerous elegant events in D.C., one of which is La Soirée Champagne at The French Ambassador’s Residence,” she added. Through performing at the FACC’s events, I connected with The Ambassador’s Social Secretary, who invited us to perform at The Ambassador’s VIP Bastille Day Celebration. Performing at The French Ambassador’s Residence has been simply lovely, elegant and always an honor.”

“With my original music, I do not set out to convey a particular message or sound,” she said. “The music just comes out and sometimes even surprises me! I hope that people enjoy music that comes from a very honest and pure place.”

Scott also explained what it is about the French language that continues to inspire her.

“I love the sound and sensibility of the French language. There is a way to express things in a softer, more subtle manner,” she said.

Bergamot Rose is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album; and their latest single “Stubborn Rose,” will soon be available nationwide. Stay tuned for its release on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon etc. The EP has an expected street date of February 2020. For more information, visit

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