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By on May 25, 2016
Playing Splendor at Aaron's Books are (left to right) Chester Dunlap, David Raffensperger, Laura Paist, and Scott Paist. Photo by Sarah Hummer.

Playing Splendor at Aaron’s Books are (left to right) Chester Dunlap, David Raffensperger, Laura Paist, and Scott Paist. Photo by Sarah Hummer.

Recent rain may be pleasing to the plants, but not my little sprouts. A brief break in the weather gave way for a stroll down Main Street with children in tow.

All Fun and Games

On April 30 Aaron’s Books, 35 E. Main St., celebrated Indie Book Store Day for readers, gamers, and enthusiasts alike. I took the kids out (Derek, 5, and Corina, 1) with the idea of checking out games I might like as well as some kid books, as it was also International Tabletop Day.

Aaron’s Books offers a try it out section for those looking to open up a game, sit at a card table and play through a round to experience game play. I met some cheerful locals such as Laura and Scott Paist who talked me through as they experienced a game of Splendor, a gem tile trading game with card development. Splendor plays much like Dominos, but with a bit of nobility as you gain gem wealth.

Another table of friends played through the game called Lanterns a harvest festival board game, with tile pattern matching. It seemed to me something like Mahjong. Other popular sample games are Castle Panic, and the trendy Ticket to Ride, which is a strategy railroad board game. Players collect trains as they make their way along the route to a secret destination determined by the cards drawn.

Sharon Huss Roat and her debut novel "Between the Notes." Photo by Sarah Hummer

Sharon Huss Roat and her debut novel “Between the Notes.” Photo by Sarah Hummer

We enjoyed free snacks, bought a book from the kids’ corner, and chatted with Sharon Huss Roat, a friendly Lancaster native, mother and author of her debut novel, “Between the Notes,” a youth fiction. With an exciting plot about secrets between friends, as the reader follows Ivy in a web of lies, the main character gives her take on being the new kid in town, bad boy crushes, and losing your cell phone, which of course is the worst.

For more events at Aaron’s Books, check out AaronsBooks.com. Or check out Sharon’s blog as she works on her next novel, to be released in 2017, at sharonroat.blogspot.com.

For Fiber Arts,

It’s Ewe-nanimous

For a nominal fee you can BYOH (bring your own hook or knitting needles) to a workshop at Ewebiquitous Fiber Arts, 39 E. Main St., to work on a seasonal Sarah’s Grove Wrap, which I’m destined to sign up for, or maybe the classy Lattice Cowl or the cozy Drop Stitch Scarfs, all while learning the basics of Knitting 101 or Crochet 101.

Although each person learns in different ways, I used Internet videos to creatively recreate stitches for baby mittens, hats, scarves, dress-up boas for kids, bags, and washcloths. I was looking for tips on adding a strap and a closure, possibly a liner, to my diaper bag project.

Being purely self-taught at crochet, I was intimidated at first about taking a class, but Iolanthhe Good, or Io, a 12-year knitting and crochet instructor, taught me the invaluable foundation single crochet. This couples a chain and your first row of single crochet in one catchy little stitch, eliminating common problems with tension. It was an invaluable stitch I never even knew to look up.

Iolanthhe (Io) Good, instructor, teaches Cathy Zoccola to tinker. Photo by Sarah Hummer

Iolanthhe (Io) Good, instructor, teaches Cathy Zoccola to tinker. Photo by Sarah Hummer

Many kudos to knitters. I was intrigued by the complexity of knitting as I observed the simultaneous tutorial for my new friend, Cathy Zoccola, who brought in her baby blanket project and a practice swatch. We learned how to save a mistake, and how to pick a stitch back up after you’ve reworked a drop stitch. In crochet, we call our mistakes “character,” unless you would like to pull out a few rows and a repeat few minutes of your life. I just go with it.

Io told me to check out ravelry.com, a social network for fiber artists. For more information on classes and fiber arts, visit Ewebiquitous.com or stop in and sign up for the email newsletter.

Ready for a Sunny June

The sun will come out… and we’ll be having fun at the Taste of Lititz, June 3, from 5 to 9 p.m., in downtown Lititz. We’ll also be splashing the days away at Lititz Springs Community Pool, 401 Maple St., and searching for fresh goods at the Lititz Farmers Market on North Water Street, half a block from East Main Street. See you next month.

Sarah Hummer is a local freelance writer who journals about her family outings. Her monthly report is an extension of the Record Express Community Calendar, and she’s always looking for new events and ideas, and can be reached at sarjade83@outlook.com.

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