Kevin Carvell joins ‘Seniors’ dogumentary as executive producer

By on May 10, 2017


Ephrata native and filmmaker Kevin Carvell has reteamed with Gorman Bechard, the acclaimed director of “A Dog Named Gucci,” the 2015 ASPCA Media Excellence Award winner. Carvell will executive produce and Bechard will direct the all-new film “Seniors.”

“Seniors” is a feature-length documentary full of love, hope, and second chances. It focuses on three interwoven stories about senior dogs. There’s Chaser, the smartest dog in the world. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a retirement home for dogs in Tennessee. And famed photographer, Jane Sobel Klonsky, who has devoted much of her talents toward capturing the bond between elderly dogs and their owners.

Unlike most animal documentaries, our goal is to highlight the positive. No abuse will be shown in “Seniors,” This film will celebrate senior dogs and many of the seniors who love them. It will show how vibrant they are, and how much they can offer to the world. This will be the animal welfare film everyone can watch, leaving viewers grinning from ear-to-ear, and showing how old dogs really can teach us new tricks.

“I’m really excited to come back together with Gorman on another of his dogumentaries,” says Carvell. “To me, these films are so much more than just about dogs. They bring to light the challenges that many pets face. In this case, “Seniors” reminds us that just because our furry companions get old… like ourselves, doesn’t mean they or we don’t have something to offer and should just be written off. Moreover, I’m also excited that we’ll be able to continue our tradition of not just educating folks, but also using this film to support animal groups in our communities and others around the country through screenings and more. I’m so proud of our partnerships with Leo’s Helping Paws here in Ephrata. And we’ll look forward to doing that again.”

The filmmakers are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the film. If you’d like to learn more or lend your support, visit:

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