Jigger Day is June 10

By on May 30, 2018


Shown preparing Eicher Arts Center for Jigger Day on June 10 are (left to right) Emma Huber, volunteer; Rane; Kyle Lindberg, assistant coordinator; and Michelle Huber, volunteer. (Photo by Missi Mortimer)

High-energy Dixieland, swing, and jazz music by Leon Hillard’s Music on Main Combo will entertain the crowd at the Eicher Arts Center’s annual Jigger Day festival on June 10.

The combo plans to start playing on the deck of the Eicher House, 409 Cocalico St., in Ephrata Borough’s Grater Park, at 5 p.m.

Inside the Eicher House, from 3 to 5 p.m., Eicher members and volunteers will be providing refreshments, including the jigger-style ice cream sundaes that give the event its name, for people to enjoy outdoors in the park near Cocalico Creek.

Eicher’s jigger ice cream sundaes feature toppings such as cherry juice and nuts, although individuals may request than an ingredient be left off the ice cream treat they receive.

Admission to the festival is free, and there is no charge for refreshments, but donations to the Eicher House Center, Inc., will be accepted.

History of Eicher House

The Eicher family early in the 18th century, built the historic Eicher House and the nearby Eicher Sisters House, where two Eicher sisters lived before joining the Ephrata Cloister. The buildings were used for more than 200 years as residences and later as the Park Hotel.

Concerned area residents more than 30 years ago formed the non-profit Eicher Arts Center to work with the borough to help save the historic Eicher House from demolition, and convert it for use for cultural and entertainment events. The Sisters House now holds a collection of Woodland Native American artifacts and educational materials.

The June 10 event will take place rain or shine. Members of the public are urged to bring folding chairs to set up outside, weather permitting, where they can enjoy the hot dogs, sundaes, drinks, and music.

To learn more, call 717-738-3084.

Leon Hillard’s Music on Main Combo

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