Food Truck Frenzy!

By on September 13, 2017

Event attracts 2,000 to Lititz Springs Park

There were about 2,000 people at the first ever Food Truck Frenzy last Friday night at Lititz Springs Park, according to Ronnie Ramone. To this reporter it seemed like all 2,000 were in the same line.

But actually they weren’t, because there were 16 trucks serving up a variety of the usual food truck fare plus some of the not-so-usual. Ramone is an on-air personality with WROZ-FM, which organized the event. He said the station plans to approach the park board with a request for a repeat event next year.

In addition to the food trucks, there were a number of non-profit vendors on site, and Lancaster’s Big Boy Brass Band tooted out a New Orleans vibe for the crowded lines of people who really didn’t seem to mind the wait.

Who wouldn’t love bacon on a stick? (All photos by Dick Wanner)

We managed to sidle up to the cheese curd truck from Philly. Who eats cheese curds? Actually, they were pretty tasty, those curds — cheddary goodness dipped in beer batter then deep fried and dunked in a mild Sriracha dip.

As a scientific experiment, we wanted to see what bacon on a stick plus the curds would do to our heart, but the bacon line was meandering and we couldn’t wait because we were on assignment. And our heart may be better for it.

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Pat and Paul Kohler drove from Lancaster to Lititz expressly for the cheese curds. They’ve also driven to Chester County expressly for the cheese curds. They became cheese curd groupies after trying them for the first time in Madison, Wisconsin.


Jennifer Kettering and Neil Cromwell of Lititz were pleased with their first adventure with bacon on a stick from Gnawjaw Beef Jerky of York. Kettering said her 16-year-old son loves to cook, and he cooks everything with bacon. “Everything?” we asked. “Everything,” she replied. We did not probe for details.

Superhero sighting

Last Friday’s festivities in Lititz Springs Park weren’t all about bacon and cheese curds. “Batman” made a special appearance during the event. Here’s some background: After “Batman’s” wife posted a picture of the caped crusader’s new Batmobile on her Facebook page, she got an Instant Message from a young woman in Allentown who has cystic fibrosis and wanted to know if she could go for a ride.

“Of course,” was the reply, and thus began a new venture for this “Batman,” who actually goes by the name of “Batman.”

He uses his ride and his caped self for benefits for leukemia and dog rescues, as well as cystic fibrosis. He doesn’t do paying gigs, he says, because he has a paying day job. “Multi-millionaire investor?” we asked.

He just smiled. “Batman” does have an email address through a friend in Lebanon if you’d like to contact him for a benefit. That address is Or, if the clouds are low some night, you can just flash a Bat Signal in the direction of Lebanon.



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