Dismal weather no deterrent to Second Friday shoppers

By on October 18, 2017


Rob Reese and Carson Moser showcased their guitar talents in the window of Zest! on East Main Street last Friday night. Reese is a full-time guitar instructor and a regular Second Friday presence. Moser is one of his students and was performing in public for the first time ever. (Photos by Dick Wanner)

Light rain and early nightfall didn’t seem to free up any parking spaces in downtown Lititz for the monthly Second Friday event. Judging from the cars, people were in town, but more of them were indoors rather than wandering the sidewalks.

We found a space for the pickup in Lititz Springs Park, and on our way to Broad Street came upon Adam Graffius and Kate Lyn Ritter rehearsing for their nuptials the next day in the Oehme Gazebo. Family and friends were there to help.

We wished the couple well and crossed Broad Street to investigate recorded music coming from the Wilbur Chocolate Store parking lot. We found magicians Matt Lauris and Andrew Imhoff, just wrapping up their first set of convivial conjuring. It was the first time in five years that the duo had teamed up for their magic act. They promised for the second set that they’d perform Houdini’s signature metamorphosis trick, but by the time we returned, it was too dark to see the trick.

Wandering around a bit more, we came across a guitar duo who gave fresh meaning to the phrase “talent showcase,” a magnificent all-white husky, and a watercolorist locked onto an ambitious project.

The next Second Friday event is scheduled for Nov. 10.

Dick Wanner is a staff writer and photographer for the Record Express. He welcomes reader feedback at rwanner.eph@lnpnews.com.

October’s Second Friday celebration was a bit dank, dark and chilly, but watercolorist Brenda J. Blank found her “happy place” in spite of it all. Blank started taking painting classes four years ago. Friday evening she was outside Purple Robin Reserve working on a watercolor of the inside of an antique door set. Blank’s website is www.bjblankart.com.


Adam Graffius and Kat Lyn Ritter, along with a supporting cast of friends and relatives, gathered at the Oehme Pavilion in Lititz Springs Park to rehearse their next-day wedding. Meanwhile, Second Friday festivities were underway just outside the park.



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