Caribbean Cup comes to Rothsville

By on September 5, 2018

At last, just in time for the Caribbean Cup, it didn’t rain at the Lancaster Polo Match on Sunday, Aug. 26.

“This is one of the first sunny days this season,” said Bob LeMin, who called the polo match and played Caribbean, rock, and Aretha Franklin music.

Bill, Debbie, and Zhara Lange took home the first place prize for best presentation at the Lancaster Polo Caribbean Cup on Aug. 26.

Well, it wasn’t exactly sunny. There were clouds in the sky, but no rain. And that was a big plus for a challenging season for the Lancaster Polo Club. It was easy to imagine that Rothsville was transformed into a warm and sunny beach in the Caribbean. Chefs and bartenders got into the spirit of the day, with judging done by Isabel Lark, a longtime Lancaster Polo supporter.

The first place winner for presentation were Debbie, Bill and Zhara Lange. Zara, by the way, is a cheerful golden doodle, who admitted that she had not done any cooking. The menu included salsa, Caribbean cocktail, spicy shrimp, pineapple upside down cake and the all-important inflatable palm tree. Second place for presentation went to Barbara Fickhorn and the Caribbean Caddy.

In the food category, first place went to Missy Steber and her friends, who cooked up a Caribbean feast of jerk chicken, Cubano sandwiches, fresh pineapple, Dark & Stormy cocktails and tropical salsa.

Second place for food went to Mark Stickler, who had a fun Voodoo Bar with Caribbean cocktails. Stickler’s feast was actually inspired by the Mediterranean, with creative food that included stuffed grape leaves, baba ghannouj, Greek taramasalata, Greek tzatziki, Turkish chili pepper gazpacho and Greek lamb gyros. If that doesn’t seem particularly Caribbean, there’s a good reason.

The polo match was won by the local team, Rabbit Hill, who took the Caribbean Cup against the Delaware team, with a score of 10-4.

“I planned this whole feast for the tailgate competition a few weeks ago.Then when it got cancelled, I decided to just go ahead with the Mediterranean theme,” explained Stickler, a frequent tailgate champion at Lancaster Polo.

For the judges, that was good enough. As Lark noted, “His food is delicious.”

(Left to right) Missy Steber, Michele Hatt-Ciemiewicz, Ann Anderson, Jean Rogers, and Shelley King all enjoyed the spoils of victory by winning first place in the food category at the Caribbean Cup.

The first place winner for Caribbean drinks was Strickler’s Haitian Voodoo Bar, with peach sangria and guava cocktails. Second place drink winner were the Idle Castaways with their piña coladas and mint gin cocktails. There were lots of other tailgaters imagining themselves in the Caribbean on a sultry late summer afternoon in Rothsville. The Gehman and Heine families enjoyed a feast of Pimm’s Cup, ginger beer, cold avocado soup and roasted eggplant.

The polo match was won by the local team, Rabbit Hill, who took the Caribbean Cup against the Delaware team, with a score of 10-4. The next upcoming events include the 21 Cups for Gillian McSherry birthday celebration on Sept. 9, the Chili Cook Off on Sept. 16, the Restaurant Fair on Sept. 23, and the Porsche Cup on Sept. 30.

Lancaster Polo matches are held on Sundays at 2:30 p.m., with gates opening at 1 p.m. Admission is $5 per person, with children under 12 free, going to support polo in Rothsville. For more about Lancaster Polo and becoming a sponsor, visit the club’s website at

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