Bube’s Brewery to be featured on Travel Channel

By on October 4, 2017


The entrance to the bar and catacombs at Bubes Brewery in Mount Joy has changed very little over the years.


Bube’s Brewery and Inn will be front and center on the upcoming Travel Channel’s “Food Paradise,” premiering the evening of Oct. 8.

The producers were drawn by Bube’s historical significance as the only intact lager brewing facility in the U.S., its local fresh culinary favorites, catacomb restaurant, and its unparalleled homage to Halloween.

Filming started on July 22 and most patrons came in their ghoulish best. Patrons were interviewed while enjoying two of Chef David’s most popular seasonal dishes. Earlier in the show, Chef David details his preparation for these dishes. Sam Allen (a.k.a. “The Count”), owner of Bube’s Brewery was interviewed in all his fiendish glory.

Bartender Mike Landis previewed chilling cocktails: the Flaming Alien Brain Hemorrhage and the Raspberry Monster Mule.

The children of Bube’s Brewery founder, Alois Bube, and their friends, sing together gleefully in this photo, taken in the late 1800s.

Throughout the program, interesting facts about the unscathed 1869 brewery and 1879 tavern and inn will be featured along with historical photos.

Halloween versions of all Bube’s events run through October, culminating with a massive two day Halloween party on Oct. 27.

Bube’s is located at 102 N. Market St., Mount Joy. For reservations and information, call 717-653-2056, or, visit their web site at bubesbrewery.com.

Bube’s workers and horses pose outside the brewery in this historic photo. Bube’s will be featured on a Travel Channel show, “Food Paradise,” on Oct. 8.

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