Back from the U.K., The Districts aren’t slowing down

By on May 28, 2014

“These great fields are stretching, taking me oh so far…” is the line that flows into a guitar rift and

Rob Grote

Rob Grote

harmonic melody. It is the beginning line of the song “Funeral Beds,” and the four-piece band that performs it have been as far across the pond and back.

The Districts are well known in this small corner of the world, but these boys– Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Braden Lawrence, and Connor Jacobus — are making a name for themselves.

They just finished up their first European tour that sent them to venues all over the United Kingdom. They played London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Brighton. With sold out shows on this tour, the quartet from Lititz is starting to make quite a stir.

Braden Lawrence

Braden Lawrence

Larson said that the U.K., “Was different than what I expected, but cool.”

Lawrence chimed in stating, “It was awesome, and I like it, and I want to go back and live there.”

Grote commented that, “It was cool, but pretty unreal.”

The unreal aspect might have started back in November when they signed to their record label, Fat Possum. When they signed they made the decision to resign from their enrollment at Temple University and to give the band their all. Considering they had only signed six months ago and have opened for one of their idols (Dr. Dog), been on an European tour and have had features in Rolling Stone, it is pretty unreal. They even made a big splash on social media when their song “Funeral Beds” was exposed on the front page of the social media website Reddit.

Mark Larson

Mark Larson

When asking if the reality of their rapid success has become reality to them yet Grote replied with, “Yes and no, it’s hit me most because it can be more stressful at times dealing with business stuff, but at the same time it kind of feels like everything is happening gradually. In a way it’s kind of fast but we were a band all through high school and just playing little shows, then in Philly and in New York so it doesn’t feel that gradual.”

From the outside looking in, it seems quicker, but The Districts are a very busy band. When they are not rocking away in the U.K. or at SXSW they are playing a headlining show or festival. These festivals include Shaky Knees, Lollapalooza, and Electric Picnic.

Lawrence commented that festivals are different because, “They are mid-day which is weird and there are so many things going on. They (the audience) are not coming to see you they are coming to see a bunch of bands, it’s kind of less personal.”

With the festivals being less personal, they know that every show has to be the best. Maybe this could also help to explain their growing fan base.

When asked what their major goal is, even though they have already met many of them, Larson replied with, “Connor wants to go to Russia!”

Connor Jacobus

Connor Jacobus

“A full European tour” Lawrence added.

So even though it seems like these young fellas have done quite a bit, they are aiming high. Even though these four have come a long way and are very busy, they haven’t forgotten about the small corner of the Earth that they prevail from.

Dosie Dough and bonfires were what they miss most about Lititz. Great fields are stretching taking these Warwick grads across the country and back. Their passion is their determination.

Jaimie Watts is a Temple University student currently studying English. This is her first assignment for the Lititz Record Express. She welcomes your comments and questions at


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