2nd Friday frenzy!

By on May 23, 2018

Big Boy Brass was just one of several musical acts that entertained the huingry masses during the Food Truck Frenzy.

Customers hungry for both food and shopping were satisfied as they meandered throughout the downtown streets during the May 11 2nd Friday event.

On Main Street, magician Tom Shultz who was stationed at the Lititz Historical Foundation dazzled both old and young alike; while down on South Broad, Rusciano Studio and Gallery had their official ribbon-cutting event. In between, the shops boasted a steady flow of customers throughout the evening.

There seemed to be no shortage of places to eat that evening, as it seemed that all the downtown eateries did a brisk business feeding the masses.

With money in hand, hundreds of hungry customers from across the county also lined up for Fun 101.3’s Food Truck Frenzy which took place in the Lititz Springs Park. It seemed that any kind of food imaginable was available — from soft pretzels to bacon on a stick; pizza cones to gourmet cupcakes. There was even a “mobile mess hall” themed truck, where those that had a hankering for grub were quickly satisfied.

While the adults braved the lines, the kiddies played throughout the grounds, all to the delightful tunes and solid horn section of Big Boy Brass, who was just one of the many musical acts that played the fest.

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Magician Tom Shultz dazzled both the young and the young at heart in front of the Lititz Historical Foundation.


Decisions, decisions! many patrons who attended the Food Truck Frenzy took some time to explore each option before making their all-important decision.


This family enjoyed the many offerings friom the Food Truck Frenzy that took over Lititz Springs Park. Left to right: Hamzah Dawood; Cristina Virmani; Adam Morales; Abdulla Virmani; and Jasper Virmani.


Raising funds for a trip to Georgia to see the birthplace of the Girl Scouts, Cara Reiff, 14, of Lititz sold fresh baked goods during 2nd Friday.


Todd and Gina Yoder (left) and Lee Ann and Rod Martin took a break from the action to pose for the camera.


Another feature Friday evening was Fun 101.3’s Food Truck Frenzy, which was set up in the Lititz Springs Park. The event was a hit, as one line boasted nearly 50 people in line who were eagerly awaiting to place their order.


Lititz local Bill Zeird taste tests a wine offered by Star Gazers on Main Street.


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