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By on November 22, 2016


When you visit Ali Witman Consignment, you might be amazed to find that many of the fashions are not only almost new, but some really are brand new.

“We have things that still have their original tags, and have never even been worn,” says Ali Witman. “Some of the shoes are still in the box.”

Maybe someone bought something and changed their mind, but never bothered tore turn it. Maybe they gained weight and could never fit into it. Maybe they just put it in the closet and never wore it. Maybe they were hoping to wear those size 7,shoes when they were really an 8. Who can explain it?

Whatever the reason, you might just get lucky with a brand new Coach bag with tags or a stylish pair of Kate Spade shoes.

Speaking of shoes, Ali Witman Consignment &Clothiers has all the shoes you could ever want, at incredible prices. Short boots, tall boots, dressy party shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, hiking shoes, walking shoes, loafers and designer shoes. You can get like-new shoes for as little as $6 to $10.You could go crazy for shoes and buy a bunch for less than it would cost for one brand new pair.

At Ali Witman Consignment, you can find all the leading names in style for men, women and children, with designer names like Kate Spade, Ann Taylor, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Ralph Lauren, J, Crew, Buckle, Black Market/White House, Versace, Gucci and DKNY, Trina Turk, Banana Republic, Chicos, Juicy Couture, Dana Buchman, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Brighton and Armani. The clothes at Ali Witman are almost new, and all are in great condition.

“We have all sorts of things coming in every day. There is so much to choose from,” says Ali Witman, who runs the consignment shop her mother started back in 1982, making it one of the oldest consignment stores in the area, and the largest too.

Happy customers are delighted with their finds and leave Ali Witman’s as if they have just struck gold. And they have. With room after room of consigned items, you could shop for hours for the whole family. It’s especially great for kids and teens, who often outgrow their clothes in what seems like a few days. They are also pretty picky about what they wear. At Ali Witman’s, you can find great deals on all the popular names in clothes for kids and teens.

Ali has an eye for fashion, and she only accepts the best clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. Her father Ron works with her in the family business, and he has a particular interest in the great line-up of Harley Davidson gear, including boots, chaps, vests, rain gear, gloves, jackets, pants and more.

For Christmas, you’ll want to check out the great finds at Ali Witman, like designer bags for just $50 or less, a real mink stole for $25, stylish earrings for just $10 and lots of Harley-Davidson gear.

Ali Witman is great for consigners, with 50/50consignment. That means that the consigner gets half of the sale price. And they mail you a check. Consigned items stay in the store for four months. If they haven’t sold, you can pick them up or have them donated to charities like the Water Street Rescue Mission. Ali is accepting winter items for consignment. Be sure to make an appointment first by calling the store at 626-0381.

Ali Witman Consignment & Clothiers is located in a beautiful country setting at 403 West Lexington Road, overlooking Lititz from the top of the hill. Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out the Facebook page at Ali Witman Consignments.

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