Stauffer Auctioneers, LLC Continues a Legacy of Auctioneering excellence


By on May 30, 2018

John Stauffer grew up in the auction business, so it was only natural that he would carry on the family auction tradition, with his own distinctive flair.

“Continuing a legacy of top notch auctioneering, Stauffer Auctioneers LLC, is your first choice when considering an auction,” says John Stauffer, who has grown his auctioneering business from one weekly sale to 200+ auctions each year.

John lives in Lititz, with his wife Ashley, and three children. As a second-generation auctioneer, he auctioneers for local car and auction companies, as well as his own auction business. Stauffer apprenticed with his father before attending the Reppert School of Auctioneering in Indiana, beginning his auctioneer career in 2002.

“I love auctioneering,” says John. “It’s fast paced, I meet a lot of people, and it’s fun. You get to help a lot of great organizations as well. I enjoy spending my days off at an auction if I am able.”

Over the years, John has participated in the World Wide Automobile Auctioneers Contest, held at the Manheim Auto Auction in 2017— putting his skills to the test, with presentation, chant, voice quality, salesmanship, and ability to interact and communicate with bidders and buyers. He has also competed in the Pennsylvania Auctioneer Association bid calling contest, held each year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Facing off against 30 auctioneers from across the state, he competed for the golden gavel and a silver traveling cup.

With Stauffer Auctioneers, John sells real estate, farms, equipment, antiques, personal property and cars. He travels for many of his car auctions, selling weekly for America’s Auto Auction- Lancaster, Central Pennsylvania Auto Auction, and Insurance Auto Auctions in New Jersey.

Locally, Stauffer Auctioneers is known for handling all the details of your auction, from pre-sale preparation, proper auction setup, targeted marketing efforts, day of sale expertise, and complete follow-up after the auction. As he points out, choosing the auction method of selling enables a large number of prospective buyers to view, bid on, and purchase your merchandise, allowing the seller to set the date, time, terms, and conditions of the sale.

Stauffer Auctioneers handles all types of auctions, including real estate-farm and residential, antiques, furniture, farm equipment, coins, automobiles, personal property, and estate settlement.

“The auction method of marketing is the most exciting and profitable way to convert personal property, goods, and real estate into cash,” says John, adding that at an auction, “the final price of an item is negotiated higher rather than lower.”

As John notes, “If you are looking to sell your home or settle an estate, and want to learn more about how an auction may be your best option, please call us! Ask around if you haven’t already worked with us, you probably know someone who has. Whatever your need, we’re just a phone call away.” Call 717-989-3955, check the website at, or Stauffer Auctioners on Facebook.


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