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By on March 15, 2017


Have you ever been to a friend’s house on a Sunday afternoon to watch football together with your families and there was barely enough room for everyone to sit?

Maybe you were invited to dinner and there was standing room only. While preparing dinner, you kept bumping into each other. Perhaps the oven wasn’t working very well because of its age and it took forever to get the turkey done! A sure sign of a need for a kitchen redesign and remodel is when you get a new refrigerator and it doesn’t fit in the space where the old one was. Perhaps the countertop laminate edges are coming apart or the drawers just won’t work properly anymore. Maybe the old vinyl flooring has lost all its shine and is very difficult to clean.

At ALL Renovation and Design, clients tell them how they appreciate that they have helped them update their homes. Updates include redesigning and remodeling their kitchen and living areas to have more functional space, renovating their bathrooms, and installing new flooring, trim and painting. That makes it possible for them to have more beautiful and efficient spaces for their family and friends to play, relax or visit.

Their clients have also shared how they have enjoyed the process of having them help them create their dream backyard with outdoor living spaces, beautiful landscapes, building sturdy low maintenance decks, updating the exteriors of their home by replacing the roofing, siding, windows or doors, or by building the addition they have been dreaming of for years. Many clients have expressed how ALL Renovation and Design has been able to provide creative solutions for the various issues that they have had around their homes.

Our homes are our greatest asset because they are the place that we build family, friends, and community. At ALL Renovation and Design, they are honored to help their neighbors and friends invest in the things that will help them create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.

“We do this by living what we value through open conversations with good folks like you, who want someone to talk to who can help them understand whether or not it makes sense to remodel and update the kitchen this year or add a sunroom or deck, replace the front door, finish the basement, or redo the bathroom and the list goes on,” says Amos Lapp of ALL Renovation and Design.

You can reach them at 717-665-0470. The Showroom is located at 88 South Penryn Rd, Manheim PA 17543, and the website is

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