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By on May 10, 2017

ALL Renovation & Design

Less than one week into school vacation, and it all comes rushing back.

 Your house isn’t designed to fit this many people! In theory, it should. But in practice? There aren’t enough seats for everyone to be comfortable in the living room. Doorways aren’t wide enough. It doesn’t flow well between rooms. Everyone is constantly walking back and forth and in each other’s way. The stairs are a bottleneck in-stead of an outlet. The door to the yard is just not well placed, and trying to have a cookout is arduous.

 Forget entertaining, whether indoors or out – you don’t have the space or the layout for easy flow of guests and pockets of conversation. Not to mention the lack of beautiful updates you envision but haven’t happened yet. And don’t forget about the stuff! Some storage would really help.

 Summer vacation can be a bit miserable, cramped in a house not designed well for your use.

 This year, summer vacation can be about making it better. Create a more open floor plan. Open up the stairway. Move a door, add some windows, or put in some beautiful flooring. Update a powder room you’ll love to show off! Add an outdoor patio that makes you enjoy grilling out ad having friends over. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets, sink, and countertops. Add finishing touches to your porch or stoop that really make it shine.

 Make this the summer you turn your house from a haphazard home base to a haven. From a mess to a masterpiece. From a place you feel enclosed to a place you enjoy. “We listen to what our clients want, making sure we fully understand their wishes, goals, and dreams,” says Amos Lapp, owner of ALL Renovation and De-sign.

 On Penryn Road in Manheim, Lapp’s show-room is easy to get to and flush with ideas and inspiration. You can make a list of your priorities and explore possibilities with the sta. at All Renovation & Design.

 “Our clients will tell you we’re known for having up front conversations and pinpointing the best plan for you moving forward,” Lapp said. “At the end of the project, you’ll have a house you always wanted to live in, whether with a gleaming new bathroom, classy trim and molding, or a low-maintenance deck.”

 Our homes are where we build our families and become a community with others. Make your home the best it can be this summer. Con-tact ALL Renovation & Design, 717-665-0470 or You can also stop by their showroom at 88 S. Penryn Road, Manheim.

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